Sortie De Pcsxbox V21 (redux)


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The original release of v21 had a small little issue with changing of CD's so I kinda felt bad about that. I made this to help in my testing of v22. Which is looking real good btw. Well I also did it so I could play "Speed Punks" image over a samba share. :P

Stuff that didnt make it.

* No new GTE. No SPU 1.10 core. No GPU 1.18 core. No "Fake 'gpu busy' states". Several games that are playble in v22 are NOT working in the v21 build. Large/small sound buffer (uses small).

Carryovers from the up and coming pcsxbox v22

* Some new skins by Gilou999

* New cheat codes by Dominater01 with some edits by Cheema. Old cheat codes are there if you still wish to use them.

* Change Disk option fixed now.. Oopsie!

* image support.

* Can handle (.mds/.mdf) images with subchannel data (I think, untested).

* Much improved CDDA playback. This fixes the CDDA in ALOT of games which makes them worthwhile playing. Unlike the older x-port releases which had some serious CDDA issues.

* Fixed an issue with x-port's CDDA audio volume code that caused some games to appear to have no music.

* CDDA audio volume is now tied into the ingame (emulation) volume so setting CDDA music volume in here will now work.

* Fix to Re-volt CDDA. Earthworm Jim and Contra - Legacy Of War now play audio. Make sure you have the matching ".ccd/.cue" files for Earthworm Jim.

* "Turn on Framelimiter When Playing FMV" option.

* Less "lag" when returning to a game after being in the "In Game Menu"

* "Disable Memory Slot 2" options so you can play Codename Tenka.

* New samba code and all the advantages it comes with.

* Synopsis lookup based on disc SLUS id. However the synopsis needs work big time! Any volunteers?

* Per game video resolution and autoload savestate.

* Most "graphic fixes", "cpu", and "spu fixes" can be changed while in game.

* Bug fixed where sometimes "graphic fixes" did not work when switching games. (A long standing bug).

* Config DB and Preset Controllers. I'll include my currently created Preset Controllers. However there is no Config DB for the v21 build. If someone wants to start a thread here on emuxtras to start creating some then you have our support. However curent config DB focus is on the up and coming pcsxbox v22.

* Game configuration is deliberately compatible with the up and coming v22 so you should be able to use this and it should not interfere with v22.. For those scaredy cats I'm including "patched" versions by Cheema.

* Ability to reset a games configuration options to default. Press back in main configuration menu to do all, or in individual settings menu for just those.

* All the latest madmab edition interface features! (See below for more info)

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