XBMC 2009-02-18 SVN rev17820 T3CH


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T3CH propose une nouvelle version SVN issue de la branche Xbox de la version stable Atlantis XBMC.

T3CH indique que les versions SVN seront proposées à un rythme beaucoup moins habituel du fait de l'activité de plus en plus faible sur la branche Xbox.

Voici le changelog de cette version :

- Killarny & Nuka1195 & Pike's Apple Movie Trailers (AMT) SVN pre- rev2372 [scripts/Apple Movie Trailers]

- Nuka1195's Apple Movie Trailers II Plugin 1.4.1 [plugins/video/Apple Movie Trailers II]

- Team XBMC Lyrics 1.6.0 rev2346 SCRIPT [scripts/XBMC Lyrics]

- Asteron's Tetris 1.1 SCRIPT [scripts/Tetris]

- BigBellyBilly's T3CH Upgrader 1.7.5 SCRIPT [scripts/T3CH Upgrader]

- Boris Sitsker's YouTube 3.3 SCRIPT [scripts/YouTube3]

- Nuka1195's SVN Repo Installer 1.1 PLUGIN [plugins/programs/]

- Codecs for mplayer [/system/players/mplayer/codecs/*]

- 2009-02-18 17820 [XBOX] fixed: CUtil::GetParentPath() should return false (no parents) on special://foo paths as they are already root. This should fix problems with the FileDialog showing ".." when already in the special:// root directory. Also synced GUIDialogFileBrowser.cpp with linuxport.

- 2009-02-18 17804 [XBOX] added: Show error dialog when a Python scripts fails

- 2009-02-18 17799 merged: Linuxport revisions r17788+17796 - move from using CGUIImage for everything to a new base class, CGUITexture.

- 2009-02-18 17797 fixed: trunk wouldn't build on win32 (devs convenience)

- 2009-02-17 17794 [XBOX] fixed: Sometimes Python scripts failed when called from autoexec.py because the network was not up yet. Now it will wait until the network is setup before autoexec.py is called.

- 2009-02-17 17793 [XBOX] fixed: ticket #5926. Profile creation failed due to FatXQualifiedFilename() replacing the forward slashes with backslashes in special://-paths. It will now honour the type of slash used.

- 2009-02-16 17775 [XBOX] fixed: ticket #3843. Better network retry implementation. Now the network is re-init whenever it's in error-state. This should fix problems with crappy routers/switches bringing their link up too slow.

- 2009-02-16 17766 [XBOX] changed: The first profile is *always* the master profile, so need for additional checking

- 2009-02-16 17758 [XBOX] reverted: XBMC should restore the system state to how it was before it was stared.

- 2009-02-16 17755 [XBOX] changed: Fall back to the default value for the masterprofile in case lookup for it fails. Thanks for pointing it out, jmarshall

- 2009-02-16 17753 [XBOX] changed: Don't let system fan spin up on shutdown.

- 2009-02-15 17745 [XBOX] fixed: Profiles weren't working properly + implemented InitDirectoriesXbox(). Thanks for the patch AlTheKiller

- 2009-02-14 17730 [XBOX] fixed: visualisation albumart path (vortex) part 2, reverts rev 17714.

- 2009-02-14 17722 [XBOX] fixed: Python was broken (and possibly other stuff too) due to faulty (DLL) loader and some _P() errors

- 2009-02-14 17716 [XBOX] More network cleaning up

- 2009-02-14 17715 [XBOX] fixed: Unnessecary calls to StartEventServer (and possibly bad as it was doing it during network initialisation), eventserver is started on SERVICES_UP networkmessage.

- 2009-02-14 17714 [XBOX] fixed: visualisation albumart path (vortex).

- 2009-02-14 17713 [XBOX] fixed: some compilation warnings.

- 2009-02-14 17712 [XBOX] merged: Linuxport revisions

- 2009-02-14 17710 [XBOX] fixed: Network should be started as soon as possible in CApplication::Initialize() and certainly before StartServices() is called. This should fix the strange filecurl/network-crash bug. Also improved network-logic which will now also retry the network setup, if not inited yet.

- 2009-02-14 17709 [XBOX] Cosmetics

- 2009-02-14 17708 [XBOX] fixed: reversed the bloody logging of the dns (cosmetics)

- 2009-02-14 17705 [XBOX] fixed: T: & P: legacy driveletters failed to work. Special:// dirs are now initialized to Q:. This should fix the logrotate-issue & the guisettings.xml loading issue too.

- 2009-02-13 17702 [XBOX] fixed: logging was broken due to pathcleanup & special:// merges. Also added some a safecheck in CLog::Log to prevent logging when the logdir is not set yet.

- 2009-02-13 17700 [XBOX] fixed: PartyMode failures (again). Problem got accidently re-introduced due to previous merge.

- 2009-02-12 17683 fixed: scraperparser possible infinite loop.

- 2009-02-12 17681 fixed: scraperurl crash on empty elements.

- 2009-02-12 17680 [XBOX] changed: music resampling enabled by default again, max resampling freq to 48000.

- 2009-02-12 17677 fixed: Access violation in StopPlaying.

- 2009-02-12 17676 [XBOX] fixed: weather icons.

- 2009-02-11 17660 [XBOX] Merged: Linuxport revisions

- 2009-02-10 17644 [XBOX] Merged: Linuxport revisions 17509,17523,17524. This should implement basic special://-protocol support for Xbox.

- 2009-02-09 17638 [XBOX] changed: Disabled the cache dialog (for now) as it's pretty useless on Xbox and not working properly (probably some locking issue).

- 2009-02-08 17615 [XBOX] fixed #5809: smb didn't show any files (or actually showed all files as hidden). Caused by a bad merge. Thanks to A600 for the patch.

- 2009-02-08 17613 [XBOX] changed: .mp4 files should be played back with DVDplayer by default as MPlayer seems to stutter with some (or maybe even all) of them. Also did additional cleaning of CPlayerCoreFactory::GetPlayers.

- 2009-01-30 17470 [XBOX] changed: Cleanup of CPlayerCoreFactory::GetPlayers. Force some filetypes to explicitly use MPlayer. Also no longer force MPlayer as default for internet streams (this might have broke some stuff, please report if it did). Also assume file is video, when it's NOT audio. The content-type is now also logged when it's an internet stream.

- 2009-01-30 17468 [XBOX]: merged Linuxport revisions 17306,17322,17332,17345-17348,17351,17354,17360,17362,17366,17379,17387-17389 17392,17396,17399,17402,17403,17405,17407,17408,17417,17419,17425,17426,17427 17429,17440

- 2009-01-29 17450 [XBOX] fixed: pap, samplerates higher than 48000 weren't being downsampled anymore.

- 2009-01-29 17449 [XBOX] fixed: paplayer chopping off the first second or so from mp3 streams.

- 2009-01-29 17447 [XBOX] changed: made default value for CacheMemBuffer 128KiB to save memory. Thanks Elupus & A600. Again, maybe we should also consider this for Linuxport.

- 2009-01-29 17446 [XBOX] fixed: Don't do SetCaching(true) for *any* file (including internet streams). This should fix slow video stream start & extra memory consumption. We should consider also doing this for Linuxport.

- 2009-01-28 17428 [XBOX] fixed: compile error

- 2009-01-28 17424 [XBOX]: fixed #4519 - have dvdplayer use CacheMemBuffer by default. The default size is 2Mb and can be changed via in advancedsettings. Specifying a size of 0 will make DVDPlayer revert to use SimpleCaching. Also implemented the CacheDialog in DVDPlayer + synced CacheDlg with Linuxport.

- 2009-01-28 17422 [XBOX] fixed #5793 - Network settings were displayed incorrectly

- 2009-01-27 17401 [XBOX] fixed: previous commit broke the ability to use alternate players for files on UPnP sources

- 2009-01-27 17400 [XBOX] fixed: no longer force DVDPlayer for unknown http streams (to fix UPnP problems) as it breaks other http stuff. The real fix for upnp should go into mplayer.dll

- 2009-01-27 17398 changed: mplayer.dll - assume http servers are seekable until first seek fails instead of relying on "Bytes:" header existing

- 2009-01-26 17373 [XBOX]: fixed previous commit. Commented out too much stuff :-S

- 2009-01-26 17369 [XBOX]: fixed #4190 - We shouldn't remove whitespaces in front of the extension. If ppl want this or it's a result of truncation we should accept that.

download.gif XBMC 2009-02-18 SVN rev17820 T3CH

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Moi j'ai essayé, ma console a buggé " obliger de ressortir le disc d'install" :), impossible de booter le XBMC avec mon ancien profil Master.

J'avais fait la mise a jour avant de lancé un film hier, ma femme attend encore ( lol ) :D

Du coup J'ai réinstaller l'avant dernières version.... a la bien

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ton xbmc est en dashboard principal ca doit etre pour ca !!

le mieux c'est d'installer une nouvellle version dans un disque E par exemple pour le tester et ensuite tu peux mettre a jour ton xbmc principal

lors du premier transfert sur le dd, il freezait donc je l'ai retransferé et ensuite ca s'est lancé

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