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je viens de tester cette release.

La navigation fonctionne bien à partir du moment où les sites utilisent des pages uniques et non plusieurs frames.

Il est impossible de passer d'une frame à l'autre.

Sinon, c'est plutot sympa mais ca ne me semble pas vraiment utile....

Viva les petits trucs en plus mais le meilleur serait de corriger tous les petits bugs....

Si seulement je savais programmer lol

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ah, tiens, je peux essayer de voir si Links a suivi les evolutions de Xbmc, si c'est faisable, je veux bien m 'y coller ^_^

je te tiens au courant,


edit: bon, ma foi, ça a l 'air faisable, Links a apparemment suivi, à toute!

edit_2: bon, ça y est, c'est OK, un extrait, quand meme d 'un TXT pour résumer :


Notes About the Project and Guidelines for Testing


This project is not officially supported by Team XBMC. Please do not submit bug reports to them or their forums. If you need to submit a bug report, feature suggestion, etc. please join our IRC channel on EFNet #XBMCmeetsLINKS Alternatively you can post in the thread on the Xbox-Scene forums found here: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?sho...396230&st=0

If you are testing Links in XBMC please do not redistribute builds to others. At this point it is reserved for those who are able to compile on their own to be tested properly. The SVN is for those who understand the process of development and those who are interested in helping with the project. Please respect this as leaked builds are not going to help productivity, only increase support requests.

Thank you and we sincerely hope you like what you see. :)


je vous conseille quand même d 'eviter de mettre cette version en dash principal, sait-on jamais..

L 'archive est en 2 parties, vous extrayez depuis le rar, évidemment :



Changelog XBMC

Changelog Links

voili voilou, à toute

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Bonsoir et merci d'avoir généré cette nouvelle version.

C'est la première fois que je la teste, c'est vraiment une bonne intégration à xbmc. (j'utilisais déjà le naviguateur seul)

Une petite question, quelqu'un a t-il réussi à sauvegarder les bookmarks insérés lors de la naviguation ? (je les perds à charque rechargement)

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nouvelle version, XBMC 2.0.1 avec navigateur Web :

Xbox Media Center CHANGELOG

added/fixed: (dd-mm-yyyy) (please specify date in CET)

- 13-11-2006 changed: Disabled the "Randomize" button in the My Music Now Playing window. This is the first iteration of the Shuffle/Random rewrite.

- 13-11-2006 added: "Switch Media" to context menu to switch between media windows (requires a partial matching source in the destination, otherwise you get the root)

----- 2.0.1 -----

- 11-11-2006 fixed: file listings over samba would not display proper dates.

- 07-11-2006 fixed: in folders wich only contain a video_ts folder, the folder wouldn't stack to a single item.

- 07-11-2006 fixed: remote number keys must be mapped to buttons in the dvd when in dvd menu, some dvd's make use of that.

- 07-11-2006 changed: better logging of failed mplayer attempts

- 03-11-2006 updated: Dutch language file (Thnx to MrNice).

- 03-11-2006 changed: XBMC.ResetSkinSettings() now resets the settings instead of removing them.

- 02-11-2006 changed: .flv files default to the dvdplayer

- 01-11-2006 fixed: [1586248] http api would not show errors for GetSystemInfo and GetSystemInfoByName

- 01-11-2006 fixed: random slideshow screensaver wouldnt always be random

- 01-11-2006 fixed: increased the speed of archive extraction a notch.

- 01-11-2006 changed: additional logging for replay-tv filesystem to hopefully figure out why it doesn't work anymore for mplayer.

- 30-10-2006 changed: memory allocation for dll loader, saves around 100k

- 30-10-2006 changed: httpapi GuiSetting to accept String type by EQ2K

- 29-10-2006 changed: now disables navsounds during playback. behaviour can be reverted using advancedsettings.xml

- 26-10-2006 fixed: [ 1584930 ] useAvpackSettings broken. thanks to markeen.

- 25-10-2006 fixed: added some thread saneness to the hddsmart query.

- 25-10-2006 fixed: [ 1580744 ] Can't Get PC DVD-ROM to Work Properly with Xbox Media Centre

- 25-10-2006 fixed: cosmetic bug in filemanager handling of rar files.

- 24-10-2006 fixed: .tbn file support for hard drive foldernames containing periods

- 23-10-2006 fixed: users with bad luck could end up with errors on initial opening dvd images or dvd's (use of uninted variable). likely the start at 90 min in the movie syndrom

- 23-10-2006 fixed: potential segfault in libdvdnav.dll if a read returned 0 data.

- 23-10-2006 fixed: segfault in libsmbclient on invalid dates returned in a directory query (lan drives especially)


Links Integration Changelog


Added/Fixed/Changed/Removed/Updated: (mm-dd-yyyy) (please specify date in CET)

-11-13-06 Updated: Synced to XBMC CVS 2.0.1 -- "11-11-2006 fixed: file listings over samba would not display proper dates."

-10-16-06 Updated: Synced to XBMC CVS -- "15-10-2006 fixed: httpapi TakeScreenShot download parameter now works."

-10-05-06 Updated: Synced to XBMC CVS -- "04-10-2006 changed: Z: is erased on boot, due to many issues if it was full."

-04-13-06 Updated: Synced to XBMC CVS -- "13-04-2006 fixed: sometimes a highlighted item in dvd menu's didn't change if another item was selected."

-04-10-06 Updated: Synced to XBMC CVS as of 04-10-06

-04-10-06 Updated: Default homepage now http://www.break.com/

-04-10-06 Updated: <execute> tags in skin XMLs changed to <onclick>

-04-10-06 Updated: Cosmetics changes to OSD dialogs skinfiles to match new PM3 style

-04-10-06 Added: OSD settings screen lead to Weather settings (soon to be "Internet settings")

-04-10-06 Added: Exit confirmation dialog (will be switchable in the upcoming settings screen)

-04-10-06 Fixed: Screensaver timer not properly resetting in browser window


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