Pcb Ltu 2 Et Firmware Ltu 2 Le 05 Aout Prochain


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La fameuse team xecuter est fière de nous annoncer qu'elle lancera très prochainement dès le 05 Aout sa nouvelle version de PCBs LTU dites LTU PCB 2 en deux versions distinctes destinés aux lecteurs slim Liteon 16DG5S et Hitachi DLN10N.

Cette nouvelle PCB sera moins chère, elle ne coutera que 49.95$ soit 20$ moins chère que la première PCB LTU. Elle ne sera pas la seule nouveauté puisque Xecuter nous informe que notre cher commodore 4 eva (c4eva) va nous livrer son nouveau firmware LTU v2 qui sera comme le premier fonctionnel à l'aide de seulement la bonne clé DVD et le fichier fcrt.bin issus du hack RGH bien sur.




Il existe deux versions de cette PCB: Liteon DG-16D5S & Hitachi DL10N

Attendez-vous à une nouvelle version de Jungle Flasher ainsi que du nouveau firmware LTU v2 de chez c4eva.

Description officielle du produit pour les revendeurs:

Do you have a faulty Liteon DG-16D5S or Hitachi DLN10N DVD in
your Xbox 360? Are you swapping your drive to another console and are
unable to program your firmware due to write protection being enabled?
Team Xecuter have designed new versions of LTU2 PCB for both Liteon DG-16D5S & Hitachi DLN10N.

As with the DG-16D4S, the SPI is also locked on these drives (in
addition to the firmware being encrypted), so this replacement PCB
allows for the user to unlock and re-lock the SPI at will, and offers
full ability to write your own firmware to the drive including your own
drive key so you are able to replace your DVD drive if it becomes faulty
without having to send it away for expensive repairs.

The Liteon DG-16D5S LTU2 & Hitachi DL10N Unlocked Replacement PCB
has been manufactured so it is much cheaper than the original LTU PCB –
get them while they are available they will be hot sellers !

  • Fits all versions of Liteon DG-16D5S (Red Liteon Version)
  • Fits all versions of Hitachi DL10N (Blue Hitachi Version)
  • Supports the latest LTU2 fw
  • Easily programmable using the X360USB PRO V1 or V2 (Update to the latest firmware v20.1)
  • Compatible with professional power adapters such as the X360USB PRO V2, CK3 Pro & CK3 Mini
  • Requires the latest Jungle Flasher & J-Runner
  • C4E's new LTU2 (LT Ultimate v2) firmware now allows booting of
    any Liteon or Hitachi based system without any previous firmware dump
    (inc the DG-16D5s 1175/1532 and Hitachi 0500/0502 firmwares) – all you
    need is the DVD Key and FCRT.bin which can be extracted using RGH or DGX
  • Includes solderless quick install adapter
  • Includes external SPI unlock/lock switch
  • Includes external vendor switch
  • Includes heatsink for drive controller IC
  • Every board has a unique serial number which can be checked at serial.xecuter.com
  • Note: Due to how the custom chipset has had to be designed there is no CD-R support.

This device is designed with the primary purpose to aid and/or
assist in the repair or replacement of defective hardware. It does not
contain any code or any kind of microchip that infringes any
intellectual property.

Fakes & Clones Notice

As always, there are those who try to rip people off by making junk
quality versions of Xecuter products and trying to pass them off as
their own. They even use the same serial number sticker hundreds and
hundreds of times over. Either they are dumb or they think their
customers are stupid.

Anyway just to show you how there are so many scams out there, there
have been sites already taking peoples money for LTU2 orders – even when
they are told time and time again not to.

Here is an example on the awful Alibaba website (CLICK HERE)
in China – as you can see there are lots of LTU2 adverts – it's all
knock off packaging and every board is actually a DG-16D4S PCB and thats
just from the pictures – they probably don't even have those boards in
stock and certainly not any LTU2. These will never work on a D5S drive
and they will certainly never work with LTU2. Beware folks – always buy
from official sources !


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