Genplus Gx 1.7.4


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eke-eke met à jour son portage de l'émulateur Megadrive et propose donc une noubelle version stable.

On notera l'ajout du support du ogg pour les jeux MegaCD, la correction de nombreux bugs et l'optimisation de certains aspects de l'émulation.




* fixed access to read-only registers on Main-CPU side ("Batman Returns" platform level freeze)

* fixed & improved emulation of PRG-RAM write protection register ("Lunar Eternal Blue" japanese version freeze)

* improved SUB & MAIN-CPU synchronization ("Dracula Unleashed" freeze when using US Model 2 BIOS)

* improved CPU polling detection

* improved CDD emulation & added CD drive access time for SEEK command ("Panic!/Switch" intro missing scene)

* added missing reinitialization of MAIN-CPU PRG-RAM bank on reset

* added .OGG audio tracks support through LIBTREMOR



* fixed YM2612 configurable DAC depth emulation

* improved Low-Pass filter

* added optional "MONO" output mode



* fixed FIFO access timings when using invalid write code value ("Clue" menu)

* fixed DMA Copy with undocumented code value ("Fatal Labyrinth" end sequence)

* minor code fixes & optimizations



* optimized 68k stack read/write functions

* fixed broken 68k address error emulation

* fixed 68k interrupt behavior (prevents interrupts from being executed multiple time when 68k is halted)

* fixed Z80 registers initial state, added proper initialization when using PBC (verified on real hardware by Charles McDonald)



* fixed SRAM incompatibilities between BIG ENDIAN & LITTLE ENDIAN platforms (note: this breaks old .srm files with LITTLE ENDIAN platform ports)

* added support for a few recently dumped unlicensed games

* added auto-detection of byte-swapped ROM files



* fixed CD Leds positioning when using NTSC filter

* improved on-screen CD Leds (thanks to Iceknight)

* various code fixes & improvements

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