La Team Xecuter Confirme Le Nouveau Hack Et Lance Sa Réponse

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Confirmant le nouveau leak permettant le boot du Xell sans clé CPU et le dump de cette dernière sur les nouveaux dashbaords 15572 et supérieur, la team xecuter défend son produit (Puce DGX) qu'elle juge très performant et ayant grandmenet contribué à la scène hack xbox 360, team xecuter nous présente aussi un update permettant de convertir la fameuse puce DGX en puce RGH standard avec des performances à la hauteur et des temps de boot se rapprochant de la dernière puce CR3 PRO, la conversion est full software et la puce convertie (RGX) est compatible toutes cartes mères confondues FAT et Slim.


Team Xecuter RGX (inc DGX to RGX Conversion)
March 02 2013

A few months ago we brought you DGX (Double Glitch-X) which enable the key retrieval from all slim consoles above dashboard version 15572.The DGX was the first and only hack able to do this and worked with great success, enabling the scene to continue on with it's homebrew endeavors. For some bizarre reason some outsiders are claiming that DGX was no good and that it was too slow? The fact that there was NOTHING else that could achieve the hack and the fact that there are hundreds and hundreds of pro modders posting their success stories with boot times between 5 and 30 seconds – I guess that completely went over their heads?In the last week a leaked bootloader has been passed around by sources who wish to remain anonymous which allows booting without knowing the CPU Key, enabling our DGX method to work with a single glitch (which is how normal RGH works). To use simply flash to the 360 using any RGH board. Naturally you will get the very best results using a CR3 Pro – or even a converted DGX wink.gif

So this now opens two doors:

1. Compile a solid set of ECC's for standard RGH boards that can recover keys on Phat models Zephyr, Falcon, Jasper – and slim models Trinity & Corona (Both 16Mb v1/v3 and 4Gb v2/v4). The speed and performance will be no where near as good as the DGX hardware, but it will still work all the same. Much like the DGX, key recovery is a one time process anyway.

2. To design a new hack for the DGX hardware so that it can be converted to what we will now call RGX (Regular Glitch-X). As the DGX hardware has similar parts used by the high performance CR3 Pro, the DGX (RGX) can be used as a regular (or not so in this case) RGH board but much faster and better performance than any other 64 based board. In fact the only board out there that will perform better is the CR3 Pro – everything else it will just smoke. DGX R.I.P? Sure it is……

Files Included:

  • RGX ECC For Zephyr, Falcon, Jasper, Trinity & Corona
  • DGX to RGX XSVF Updates for Corona (3 Timing Versions)

Much more coming for DGX as well as new J-Runner and new DGX(RGX) Install guides…….

We see a lot of stores selling the DGX v1.0s & v1.1s quite cheap – I suggest you grab them while you can wink.gif

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Par ailleurs team xecuter nous annonce l'arrivée prochaine d'une nouvelle version du fameux Jungle Runner supportant les dernières nouveautés ainsi que la nouvelle ancienne puce RGX.

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