Rgloader V300


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Nouvelle version de RGloader compatible avec :

-Xenon Jtag 16MB

-Zephyr Jtag/RGH2 16MB

-Falcon Jtag/RGH2 16MB

-Jasper Jtag/RGH2 16MB

-Trinity RGH 16MB

-Corona RGH 16MB

Changelog :

-Xshell start button redirection

-Retail profile encryption support (thanks Dwack!)


-binary patch loader

-Added system extended partitions to xbox neighborhood

-Xbox live signin notice toggling

-Added corona support

-Updated to 15574 kernel

-Added minimal mode indicator on screen

-Fixed slim/rgh minimal mode

-Added custom boot animations

-Fixed dash extended package crashing problem

Source : http://rgloader.spiffy360.com/thread-173-p...701.html#pid701

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