XBMC 2008-12-30 SVN rev16762 build - T3CH


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T3CH propose une nouvelle version SVN issue de la branche Xbox de la version stable Atlantis XBMC.

T3CH indique que les versions SVN seront proposées à un rythme beaucoup moins habituel du fait de l'activité de plus en plus faible sur la branche Xbox.

Voici le changelog de cette version :

- Killarny & Nuka1195 & Pike's Apple Movie Trailers (AMT) SVN pre- rev2372 [scripts/Apple Movie Trailers]

- Nuka1195's Apple Movie Trailers II Plugin 1.4.1 [plugins/video/Apple Movie Trailers II]

- Team XBMC Lyrics 1.6.0 rev2346 SCRIPT [scripts/XBMC Lyrics]

- Asteron's Tetris 1.1 SCRIPT [scripts/Tetris]

- BigBellyBilly's T3CH Upgrader 1.7.4 SCRIPT [scripts/T3CH Upgrader]

- Boris Sitsker's YouTube 3.2 SCRIPT [scripts/YouTube3]

- Nuka1195's SVN Repo Installer 1.1 PLUGIN [plugins/programs/]

- Codecs for mplayer [/system/players/mplayer/codecs/*]

- 2008-12-30 16762 [Xbox]: merged Linuxport revisions 16612, 16650, 16651, 16653, 16657, 16661-16662, 16673, 16676, 16677, 16680, 16685, 16699-16701, 16703-16705, 16708, 16709, 16711, 16714, 16715, 16716, 17617, 16720-16723, 16727, 16733

- 2008-12-25 16713 [Xbox]: changed: we shouldn't pushback paplayer for content "video/avi"

- 2008-12-24 16710 [Xbox]: changed: video resume logic. Now the resume point is NOT saved when within the first 15 seconds or in the last second.

- 2008-12-23 16682 [Xbox]: fixed hang at shutdown/reboot when Python scripts are running. I consider this a workaround (disabled StopThread()) and not an actual fix, but it will have to do for now. Fixes #5532

- 2008-12-22 16649 [Xbox]: merged Linuxport revisions 16489, 16492, 16499, 16509, 16510, 16525-16528, 16533, 16535-16537, 16550-16553, 16555 16556, 16563-16565, 16572, 16577, 16586, 16587, 16601, 16604, 16611, 16613, 16614, 16618

- 2008-12-18 16606 [Xbox]: Cosmetics

- 2008-12-18 16605 [Xbox]: fixed: FatX limiter allowed certain illegal character. This could cause ie access/copy errors rather then converting them to _. Also improved the FatX limiter so it will now try to convert to close "looking" characters if possible (ie. ü -> u) instead of always converting to _. Fixes #5285

- 2008-12-17 16591 [Xbox]: fixed DVDPlayer should also be used with UPnP sources when the filetype is "video/avi".

- 2008-12-16 16583 [Xbox]: changed version string to "pre-9.04"

- 2008-12-15 16581 [Xbox]: fixed "Play using..." for UPnP sources. Also made the DVDPlayer default when file is on internet & filetype is unknown. This is should also fix not being able to seek (ff/rw) through files on UPnP sources.

- 2008-12-15 16571 merged: upnp from linux branch [16569]

- 2008-12-13 16541 merged: upnp elupus compiling warnings to trunk

- 2008-12-12 16539 fixed: upnp possible deadlock, fetch root scpd after embedded devices now

- 2008-12-12 16531 [Xbox]: fixed fanart screensaver + implemented _P() macro in util.h

- 2008-12-12 16522 fixed: gcc 4.2.3 compiling errors

- 2008-12-12 16521 merged: from branches/linuxport (16517)

- 2008-12-12 16520 merged: upnp from branches/linuxport (16517) fixed: upnp compilation errors due to Unicode support

- 2008-12-11 16519 [Xbox]: Merged part of Linuxport r11818: smb to use all available master browsers to build the workgroup list (recommended on libsmbclient for small networks).

- 2008-12-11 16518 [Xbox]: Reverted merge of Linuxport r16255. It seems to cause more issues than it potentially resolves.

Merge Log:

- Mergerd r16733: changed: fit embedded ass/saa subtites more to libass, they use a slightly different format and are parsed in ass_process_chunk, fixes crash on linux http://samples.mplayerhq.hu/Matroska/subtitles/

- Mergerd r16727: Made it possible to choose the resample rate in paplayer (dont resample by default). This should fix #5223 atleast the samplerate part

- Mergerd r16723: changed: [WIN32] - rebuild imagelib.dll to match r16721

- Mergerd r16722: fixed: removed duplicate constant from xbmc module

- Mergerd r16721: changed. apparently flip means mirror

- Mergerd r16720: changed: remove unused confusing files. thanks to mbuchoff (ticket #5536)

- Mergerd r16716: changed: surround conditional mprintf() calls with braces since this function is sometimes #defined to nothing.

- Mergerd r16715: added: 'play using ...' in the context menu of the filemanager. Thanks to vdrfan (merry xmas to you too)

- Mergerd r16714: workaround: take content-type from latest stream does not work for tuxbox-enigma2

- Mergerd r16711: fixed crash when logging cddb data. For what was the 'z'?

- Mergerd r16709: [ffmpeg] Add dll's with changes from elupus

- Mergerd r16708: removed: unused function.

- Mergerd r16705: added: ticket #5531 - Flip FanArt horizontally

- Mergerd r16704: changed: order of interlace handling options

- Mergerd r16703: fixed: de-elan'ify some code

- Mergerd r16701: added: (rest of) #5246 - Fix hang at end of RTMP stream. thanks to frosty

- Mergerd r16700: forgotten commit - should fix #5528

- Mergerd r16699: added: ticket #5309 - Add grouping to internal MythTV client. thanks to anenigma

- Mergerd r16685: [libass] rebuild libass to link static against freetype, otherwise dll crashes without zlib1.dll and freetype6.dll in system directory

- Mergerd r16680: [ffmpeg] Added patches we use for ffmpeg and new dlls

- Mergerd r16677: changed: move iconv headers includes into CCharsetConverter to avoid having them included project wide

- Mergerd r16676: [ffmpeg] added new headerfiles dependency's, new build script for osx and win32

- Mergerd r16673: fixed: imdb trailer enabled scrapers won't get any trailer urls. scrapers will now fetch the theatrical trailer (fixes #5291)

- Mergerd r16662: reverted: 16657

- Mergerd r16661: delted: folder to make place for restore

- Mergerd r16657: [ffmpeg] delete also headerfile dependency for xbmc

- Mergerd r16653: revert: invalid changes of PRId64 -> lld. lld isn't supported on most visual studio compilers

- Mergerd r16651: fixed: gcc warnings from last commit. These should be more portable between compilers. Hopefully VS won't complain.

- Mergerd r16650: fixed: compiler warnings + cosmetics

- Mergerd r16618: added: multiple cd stack regexp to match files without tokens/seperators like hypens, blanks, underscore or dots

- Mergerd r16614: added: Ticket #5513 - PT-PT Movie scraper - Cinema PTGate (thanks to apaneiro!)

- Mergerd r16613: fixed: Ticket #5510 - Extend regexp for ignore tokens (IGNORE_THE)

- Mergerd r16612: added: optional window parameter to the builtin function Action([,]). Allows redirecting actions from dialogs to windows and the like.

- Mergerd r16611: added: SHIFT-letter jumping through lists, using the current sort-order.

- Mergerd r16604: fixed: filmaffinity scraper won't fetch genres correctly in some special cases (thanks again to HectorziN)

- Mergerd r16601: fixed: deadlock if dvdplayer was doing explicit framedropping to achieve a specific display framerate

- Mergerd r16587: fixed: missing duplicate inclusing pragma

- Mergerd r16586: fixed: Ticket #5499 - Fixed Filmaffinity Scraper (thanks to HectorziN)

- Mergerd r16577: updated: French translation

- Mergerd r16572: fixed: mymovies.xml import does not support multiple genres

- Mergerd r16565: updated: greek, finnish and korean language. thanks to ydatografida, mikko and airplanez

- Mergerd r16564: fixed: it helps to use correct names (ffmpeg deinterlacer: linblenddeint)

- Mergerd r16563: added: ticket #5438 - Amazon UK and Amazon US video scrapers available. thanks to jelockwood!

- Mergerd r16556: fixed: r16552 contained no loading code.

- Mergerd r16555: added: [WIN32] Enabled karaoke. fixed: Compile errors.

- Mergerd r16553: added: ticket #5443 - Enables XML playlists with extra metadata. thanks to oldnemesis!

- Mergerd r16552: added: ticket #5456 - Allow the user to select what ffmpeg deinterlacer they want to use from advancedsettings.xml. thanks to oebb!

- Mergerd r16551: forgotten file

- Mergerd r16550: added: ticket #5458 - Jadedvideo scraper update. thanks to lovedaddy!

- Mergerd r16537: [WIN32]: recompiled ffmpeg libs with gcc 4.2.1 to fix runtime exception with LoadLibrary

- Mergerd r16536: Ticket #3676 - file path as a rule field in smart playlists

- Mergerd r16535: changed: updated all fanart enabled scrapers to use the new themoviedb.org 2.0 api (more fanart)

- Mergerd r16533: changed: make the framedropping logic less picky on when to enable. should fix the bob issues on xbox (when this get's merged to trunk)

- Mergerd r16528: changed: removed the year expression in moviemaze.de scraper to increase search results

- Mergerd r16527: fixed: german translation for "Loading media info from files" (thanks to locutus for pointing this out.)

- Mergerd r16526: fixed: forgotton change from last commit.

- Mergerd r16525: fixed: various possible reads from uninitialized variables. fixed: possible write outside array bounds in HTMLUtil.cpp.

- Mergerd r16510: fixed: two lines accidentially included in r16405. broke mixed url/xml nfo's among other things

- Mergerd r16509: added: Export Thumbs and Fanart Along With Video Library (Ticket #5393)

- Mergerd r16492: added: ticket #5440 - Add support for movie.tbn and movie-trailer.ext, add's additional fanart check. thanks to fekker!

- Mergerd r16489: changed: if skinners don't include an "lsep" control use a "sep" control for plugin settings

download.gif XBMC 2008-12-30 SVN rev16762 build - T3CH

homesite.gif  Site officiel : http://t3ch.yi.se/

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avec le sortie du divx 7 compatible hd et H.264, est ce que note xbox pourrait ce voir un jour amelioré niveau lecture hd?

malheuresement je crois pas... ce serait trop beau...

Le problème est surtout hardware car xbmc lit parfaitement tous les formats (mkv, ...).

Pour lire de la HD il faut quand même un proc assez costaud ce qui est loin d'être le cas de la xbox1...

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Plusieurs petits soucis avec cette version dès la première initialisation :

- Blocage lors de la lecture du répertoire de musique

- Mauvais numéro de version et perte de l'info de température CPU.

Dans le doute, je suis retourné à la version précédente qui fonctionne bien pour moi (mis à part ce défaut blocage à l'extinction si un script python est en cours).

Avez-vous eu les mes problèmes que moi ?

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Tiens, en parlant de Xbox et de flux HD, je pense changer ma Xbox par un dispositif plus performant qui pourrait lire les flux HD sans problème. Je suis toméb un peu par hasard sur un site décrivant les NMT (Popcorn Hour et HDX-1000 en tête). Quelqu'un a déjà essayé ? Vous en pensez quoi ?

Perso, je préfèrerai un miniPC avec un XBMC dessus mais bon, c'est pas tout à fait le même prix et c'est souvent moins "design" (par rapport au HDX-1000 surtout). Mon coeur balance donc. Des expériences ?

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