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Après un enchaînement de mises à jour au fil des mois, FIX94 se décide finalement à sortir les premiers builds de la "saison". Le changelog, en comparaison à la revision 3.304, est plutôt impressionnant et fait la part belle aux corrections diverses (notamment les patches vidéo pour les consoles européennes), améliorations variées (audio streaming), ajout de patches widescreen sur certains jeux, etc. Le support des jeux Triforce n'est pas en reste avec une compatibilité renforcée.

À noter que l'exFAT est désormais supporté par Nintendont...mais étant le seul homebrew le supportant à ce jour (pour l'instant ?), toute partition de ce type ne pourra être utilisée qu'avec lui !

General Game Support
  • Added disc read limiting to emulate the proper speed of the disc drive.
  • ARStartDMA fixes for several games.
  • GXLoadTlut patch to fix "rainbow sky" bugs in Burnout and other games.
  • Audio streaming improvements.
  • Fixed some games that expect controllers to "always" be connected.
  • Wii Remotes automatically disconnect after 20 seconds if no extension controllers are present.
  • Timer patches to fix speed-up issues.
  • Allow discs to be taken out and put back in on Wii when using the disc drive.
  • Support for NTSC GameCube IPL v1.1 and v1.2.
  • Fix for SRAM not being updated when using real memory cards on Wii.
  • Option to modify video width and vertical video offset.
  • Option to use PAL50 when using a forced video mode.
  • Fixed auto-format of emulated memory card images for Japanese games.
  • Fixed checks for multi-game discs. (collision with Call of Duty: Finest Hour)
  • Fixed swapped audio streaming channels.
  • Force-disable DI encryption on Triforce games to prevent random shutdowns.
Game Fixes
  • Fixed audio in Majora's Mask. (Ocarina confirm; credits sequence)
  • Fixed the Japanese Pokémon Colosseum bonus disc.
  • Fixed Force PAL60 on Luigi's Mansion.
  • Fixed several demos that needed ARStartDMA exceptions.
  • Added a new DSP patch for Pikmin 1 (US) demo.
  • Fixed PAL50 issues on Ikaruga when not using the IPL.
Cheat Codes
  • Replaced kenobiwii with a cheat handler in the kernel, which saves memory and allows for more cheats to be used at once.

New widescreen hacks for:

  • Emulated N64 games (Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask)
  • Metroid Prime
  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
  • NFL Blitz 2002, 2003, Pro
  • Skies of Arcadia Legends
  • Sonic Heroes (US, JP, 10/8/2003 prototype)
  • Sonic R (Sonic Gems Collection)
  • Super Monkey Ball
Force Progressive

New force progressive scan hacks for:

  • Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO (US)
  • Pac-Man World 3
  • SpongeBob SquarePants CFTKK

Added support for:

  • F-Zero AX (Revs. C and E)
  • Virtua Striker 3 (JP, export)
  • Virtua Striker 4 (JP, export)
  • Virtua Striker 4 Ver 2006 (JP)
  • Gekitou Pro Yakyuu (Revs. B and C)
Storage Media
  • The GPT partition scheme can now be used on HDDs and SD cards.
  • Logical partitions are now detected.
  • Rebased to FatFS R0.12_p3. This is now used for both loader and kernel.
  • The exFAT file system is now supported.
  • The Drive Access LED option now indicates when writing to SD/USB as well as reading.
  • Timestamps are now set on emulated memory card images.
  • Rewrote the game list code to use less memory.
  • Use the correct video mode on PAL systems. (fixes red tint when using RGB)
  • Improved error messages if IOS58 could not be loaded.
  • General UI improvements, including the ability to go back from the Game List to Device Selection.
  • Disable PAL IPL when running on Wii U, since Wii U doesn't support its video mode.

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