Xbmc 2010-08-31 Svn Rev30587 T3ch


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T3CH publie une nouvelle version SVN du lecteur multimédia Xbox issu de la future branche stable DHARMA et repris par le projet XBMC4XBOX

Voici le changelog de cette version depuis la révision 30442 :

2010-08-30 30587 added: new font size to fix artist discography label cutoff (video info was being cutoff with larger buttons)

2010-08-30 30586 fixed: Properly check for existance of thumbs & fanart

2010-08-30 30585 fixed: Forgot to add 2 files

2010-08-29 30584 updated: DialogPluginSettings.xml

2010-08-29 30583 deleted: DialogScriptInfo.xml replaced: scriptsinfo visible condition with textviewer

2010-08-29 30582 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 23026,23110,23186,24887,27570,28087,32025,32295 (SamiTag + color subrip/sami support)

2010-08-29 30581 revered: merge of trunk/mainline 24696 (fixed: ticket #7722 - User profiles, settings propagate between profiles) as it causes crashes in some cases. We'll have to figure this out later on, but consider the crash fixed more important than what it remedies

2010-08-29 30580 fixed: Master lock category should be the last in the list, else disabling it (when another profile is loaded) will cause the settings to be mangled (fixes #94)

2010-08-29 30579 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revision 28559 - fixed: Crash in profile settings if a skin doesn't include a control with ID 2

2010-08-29 30578 fixed: (Nasty) typo causing profile settings to act weird

2010-08-29 30577 changed: No need to check the value

2010-08-28 30576 Updated: DialogPluginSettings.xml (xbmc.org) Added: DialogTextViewer.xml (xbmc.org)

2010-08-28 30575 updated: added original title; dialog open/close animation; set focus to Play/browse to Show button (xbmc.org) updated: High/Low labels; temperature label width; dialog open/close animation (xbmc.org)

2010-08-27 30574 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 33013,33016,33025,33034,33052,33055,33056,33057,33059,33071,33072,33082,33108 33113,33130,33137-33139,33160,33167,33169,33194,33196

2010-08-27 30573 merged: dvdplayer-improvements-branch revisions 30530,30564-30566 which brings dvdplayer postprocessing to mainline xbmc4xbox

2010-08-26 30572 fixed: Discography label width updated: dialog open/close animation

2010-08-26 30571 fixed: Properly handle .nfo-files for stacked movies

2010-08-26 30570 fixed: Ticket #91 - [PATCH] makes winxml take same parameters as xbmc (again). It previously didn't work because it broke older scripts (no proper fallback) + RESOLUTION is a struct and therefor should *ALWAYS* be initialized else crashes will occur!

2010-08-25 30569 added: Wide Icon View to Programs

2010-08-25 30568 fixed: Only check .modules directory in case it exists

2010-08-25 30567 reverted: Patch in ticket #91 - Makes winxml take same parameters as xbmc (fixes ticket #99: Python Script Errors)

2010-08-24 30563 fixed: Don't check for default.xbe for plugins

2010-08-24 30562 removed: Don't need that variable anymore

2010-08-24 30561 added: DialogTextViewer.xml file changed: include needed for DialogTextViewer.xml

2010-08-24 30560 fixed: Video Playlist BG wasn't loading replaced: Record button in Video OSD with Video Playlist (Now Playing) button

2010-08-24 30559 updated: TheMovieDB (tmdb) scraper

2010-08-23 30558 Updated: Plugin Settings dialog (xbmc.org)

2010-08-21 30555 Fixed: Video Settings BG wasn't loading if Video Library was active

2010-08-21 30554 Fixed: Video Library BG load Added: "Minutes" label to video library views

2010-08-21 30553 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 32874,32875,32892,32912,32913,32916,32948,32970,32971,32993,32997,33003,33005 33006,33008-33010

2010-08-21 30552 reverted: reverted: merge of xbmc trunk/mainline r27170. Should fix ticket #59

2010-08-20 30551 Fixed: Artist Genre in Media Info View was showing (tks SteveG)

2010-08-20 30550 Fixed: Custom Add-on button label Changed: Font size in Bigger fontset

2010-08-20 30549 fixed: Ticket #85 - Fanart doesn't load after movie playback ends

2010-08-20 30548 added: Ticket #56 - Greek translation by Ydatografida

2010-08-20 30547 added: Ticket #93 - [iNFO] tickets 86-92 diff file. Thanks nuka1195!

2010-08-20 30546 fixed: Ticket #83 - Missed a merge (by merging xbmc trunk/mainline rev 27580). Thanks bulkzooi for the heads up

2010-08-18 30544 Fixed: shutdown menu navigation Deleted: suspend icon (didn't get deleted the first time)

2010-08-18 30543 Fixed: double flags in video full screen info Fixed: skin setting and OSD subtitle script Renamed: home screen Scripts button Add-ons Renamed: Scripts.jpg Addons.jpg Removed: non Xbox items from Shutdown Menu Added: plugin support to Add-ons button Added: Studio flag in fanart view - (studios flags must be in [skinfolder]/media/flagging/studios) Added: System Info in Home Screen Deleted: SystemInfo, Suspend and skin icons Changed: skin version to 1.07

2010-08-17 30542 changed: Properly initialize subLastPts + rename variable

2010-08-17 30541 fixed: VideoInfoscanner didn't properly honor ignore NFO files everywhere

2010-08-17 30540 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 27633,32553-32555,32575,32701,32736,32805,32838,32844,32845,32853

2010-08-17 30539 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 30825,30831,30838,30865,32229,32757,32849 (Read running time from video file)

2010-08-16 30538 fixed: Ticket #80 - Scripts broken (e.g. T3CH Upgrader)

2010-08-16 30537 updated: Confluence skin fixes/changes - Fixed playlists label in Music submenu - Removed Top 100 from Music submenu - Added Home Theater script support in video info Thanks to xbs

2010-08-15 30536 fixed: backported fix for browsing windows 7 shares when "Windows Live Sign-in Assistant" is active. see https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7577

2010-08-15 30535 removed: unwanted visual studio files from libsamba

2010-08-15 30534 changed: store libsamba unpacked so we can more easily track any modifications from now on.

2010-08-14 30532 reverted: part of 30531 that was committed accidently (uncommenting of the libRTMP pause)

2010-08-14 30531 fixed: libRTMP alters the url passed to it, so take a copy first (32376 from xbmc mainline)

2010-08-13 30525 changed: Make r30521 more general like we do in mainline xbmc

2010-08-13 30524 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 28827,28828 (guilib updates) - Allow immediate deletion of resources

2010-08-13 30522 fixed: Cosmetics

2010-08-13 30521 fixed: seeking was broken for rtmp streams (introduced with r30519 that included rev 32245 from xbmc mainline). See http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/9870

2010-08-12 30520 updated: Confluence skin (thanks xbs)

2010-08-11 30519 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 32116,32405,32460,32464,32469,32470,32514,32522,32523,32573,32577,32596,32598 32657,32661,32669,32674,32679,32680

2010-08-11 30518 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 32468 & 32494

2010-08-11 30517 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 31546,31630,31659,31708,31709,31711,31795,31802,31819,31833,31845,31846,31897 31931,31992,32027,32225,32231,32264,32265,32269,32275,32279,32317,32318 32321-32323

2010-08-11 30516 changed: Tweaked r30515 a bit: Don't grey out certain audio options just because the default player is not paplayer + changed location of the default player settings

2010-08-10 30515 changed: Default player settings moved from advanced settings to GUI

2010-08-10 30514 fixed: Typo

2010-08-10 30513 changed: Tweak DVDPlayer fast mode/full codec settings a bit (cosmetics)

2010-08-08 30512 updated: Confluence skin (thanks xbs) - Fixed XviD and DivX flags were simultaneously showing in Full Screen Info. - Independent BackGround loading for Movies, TV Shows and Files. - Fixed Video Library sidemenu now playing navigation - Added Game Saves button to Programs sidemenu - Added MyGameSaves.xml

2010-08-07 30511 fixed: Ticket #70 - PAL content flagged as 720

2010-08-07 30509 fixed: issues with confluence skin from xbs. Thanks. (ticket #72)

2010-08-06 30508 updated: Confluence skin (thanks xbs)

2010-08-05 30507 fixed: Confluence build.bat (thanks xbs)

2010-08-05 30506 added: Tickets #66,#67 and #68 (thanks xbs)

2010-08-04 30505 fixed: Media flags were not stored when playing stacked files

2010-08-03 30504 added: Confluence build script (thanks xbs)

2010-08-03 30503 fixed: Line endings in our log

2010-08-03 30502 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 32283 & 32334

2010-08-03 30501 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revision 31514 - changed: CLog to eat repeated log messages and print the repeat count on the next line instead. Fixes ticket #63

2010-08-01 30500 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 31644,31656,31657,32018,32188,31810 (videodatabase updates)

2010-08-01 30499 changed: add Confluence skin building to build scripts

2010-08-01 30498 updated: Confluence for Xbox 1.05 (uncompressed version). Courtesy of xbs

2010-07-31 30497 removed: Unused include

2010-07-31 30496 reverted: Part of r30410 - Bring back libmad & libfaad as an option with libfaad disabled & libmad enabled (again) by default since libmad seems to handle certain mp3 streams better than ffmpeg

2010-07-31 30495 updated: Confluence skin to version 1.04

2010-07-30 30494 reverted: merge of xbmc trunk/mainline r27170. Should fix ticket #59

2010-07-30 30493 reverted: Don't enable read caching by default for quasi-internet streams since it causes problems in the retry code (need to properly fix this later on)

2010-07-28 30492 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 32241,32247 & 32248 (URL Episode Guide fixes)

2010-07-28 30491 added: Confluence skin (Xbox mod). Courtesy of xbs. Note: still needs some work

2010-07-27 30490 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 31548,31687,31721,31783,31817,31823,31964,31965,32077,32086,32089,32126,32171 32213,32214

2010-07-27 30489 fixed: HTTP API sends currently playing filename with username/password & URL encoded (XBMC ticket #9720)

2010-07-27 30488 fixed: r30486 the right way

2010-07-27 30487 fixed: Typo

2010-07-26 30486 fixed: Episode enumeration for URL encoded paths didn't work in our VideoInfoScanner

2010-07-26 30485 fixed: Cosmetics

2010-07-26 30484 changed: Minor sync of CVideoInfoScanner::CheckForNFOFile with mainline

2010-07-24 30483 reverted: r30480 + merged: xbmc mainline/trunk r32124 (last time, I promise)

2010-07-23 30482 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 31770,31771?,31772,31773,31830 (DVDPlayer fixes)

2010-07-21 30481 fixed: Return proper value type

2010-07-21 30480 reverted: Part of r30450 (again) to fix subtitle color issue once and for all (as suggested by Elupus)

2010-07-21 30479 updated: tvdb scraper

2010-07-21 30478 changed: Ticket #54 - Langinfo.xml Dutch (thanks to Bulkzooi)

2010-07-20 30477 fixed: DVDPlayer's video queue would not always completely fill due to a/v delay & a too small audio queue

2010-07-20 30476 fixed: Eventserver delay settings didn't work + reverted r30473

2010-07-19 30475 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk r22606

2010-07-19 30474 reverted: r30448

2010-07-19 30473 fixed: Add dummy settings until "The Official XBMC Remote" have really fixed this

2010-07-18 30472 fixed: re-added missing "Enable Library" string for r30470

2010-07-18 30471 added: FLAC encoder support for audio cd ripping. Thanks to mvladic (posted to xbmc.org trac and referenced on ours on ticket #52)

2010-07-16 30470 changed: Bring back options to enable/disable music/video library

2010-07-16 30469 changed: don't enable ffmpeg "fast" mode by default but have it as an option (previously committed code was more of a test, as it could perhaps cause playback problems in some cases)

2010-07-16 30468 changed: added codec_tag must be passed along from demuxer to decoder, lavc uses it to enable certain codec workarounds changed: always pass along sub_id to codec (merged from mainline xbmc rev 31774. This fixes for example older divx playback corruption - as they need FF_BUG_EDGE which wasn't being set)

2010-07-16 30467 changed: make rtmp code independent of librtmp version. thanks to highlandsun (r31778 from mainline xbmc) changed: don't sent an RTMP pause/unpause command. This seems to cause freezes on the XBOX (and I have seen problems on linux too). Pausing still works, as long as the stream doesn't time out which is more useful than a crash imho :) fixed: added missing libRTMP export definition file, including just the calls we use. updated: new libRTMP.dll

2010-07-15 30466 changed: renamed variable/option autofatx -> autofatxlimit

2010-07-14 30465 fixed: Proper handling of plugins (I hope I didn't miss anything)

2010-07-14 30464 changed: Better logging in case we don't support a certain protocol, so we know where it came from

2010-07-14 30463 reverted: Part of r30461. The changes in CUtil should be in another commit

2010-07-14 30462 fixed: Cosmetics

2010-07-14 30461 changed: Auto FatX option to Advanced settings (and maybe the option shouldn't exist at all since I see no real reason to have it disabled in any scenario)

2010-07-14 30460 fixed: Cosmetics

2010-07-14 30459 My first SVN commit... Be afraid! Should fix "parent directory" behaviour in File Manager.

2010-07-14 30458 changed: Cosmetics

2010-07-14 30457 fixed: RAR-ed subtitles with long filenames failed to work (partial revert of r18156)

2010-07-13 30456 fixed: Media Window didn't update properly with eg. AMT Plugin (reverts part of r30424)

2010-07-12 30455 fixed: Set display after seek no longer worked for mplayer

2010-07-12 30454 fixed: Modify ffmpeg's AVI demuxer to handle VBR audio with a/v offset and padding at beginning of stream, also known as DirectShow emulation. (mplayer has been doing this since 2002, vlc since 2004, and xine since 2005...) (merged from Linuxport r21057). Heads up for future FFMPEG updates!

2010-07-12 30453 changed: Don't log this stuff on Xbox

2010-07-11 30452 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk r31713 - added: exit movie information screen with 'info' remote control button

2010-07-10 30451 fixed: shoutcast master url changed. reported in ticket #48. Thanks to gasman.

2010-07-10 30450 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revision 22032 (fixed: Ticket #8346 - DVD subtitle color wrong) 31223,31255,31263,31282,31340,31415,31436,31461,31463,31498,31505,31506,31507) + re-merged r31615 (changed: make weird stats member of Spu overlay only used on stack)

2010-07-10 30449 reverted: Part of r30443 (Use READ_CACHE for all remote files) until we've sorted out the best approach

2010-07-10 30448 changed: We don't need this hack anymore (afaik)

2010-07-09 30447 changed: Log this with loglevel NOTICE instead of ERROR

2010-07-09 30446 fixed: Typo

2010-07-09 30445 changed: Use crc-calculated temp filename in CPicture to avoid filename collisions (2nd try, I hope it works this time)

2010-07-08 30444 reverted: r30422 & r30433 as they don't play nice with URL encoded filenames

2010-07-08 30443 changed: Use READ_CACHE for all remote files + more efficient check in CFile::Open(). Should improve performance for filesystems like smb://

download.gif XBMC 2010-08-31 SVN rev30442 T3CH (nécessite une inscription sur le site)

homesite.gif Site officiel : XBMC4Xbox


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j'ai tester marche niquel les shoutcast sont revenu mais le probleme qui se passe c'est qu'avec le skin confluence impossible de lire les divx obliger de remettre PM3HD

je suis deçu car confluence est beau par rapport a pm3hd

s'avez vous de quoi cela peut venir je precise que je possede 3 xbox et il a ete tester sur les 3 et sa me fait la meme les seul video quie je peut lire sont des clip videos de 50/80 mo mais un film divx impossible de le lire avec confluence

donner vos avis s'il vous plait

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  • 1 month later...

Moi c'est lorsque je fais upnp media servers (autodiscovery) ca plante. Pas moyen d'arriver à le faire marché. Si quelqu'un à l'astuce je suis preneur ;).

Sur une ancienne version ca marche trés bien.

j'ai essayer aussi d'activer le serveur interne par upnp ca plante aussi.

On dirait que ca la fonction UPNP qui bloc.

Modifié par doudoumath
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Lol merci j'était justement entrain de dl sur ce site une autre version mais en t3ch. Je vais essayer une officiel aussi pour voir. Merci à toi ;)

je viens de test une version officiel et c'est pareil.

Ca marche normalement la découverte via UPNP ou ca freeze aussi?

Modifié par doudoumath
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