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T3CH propose une nouvelle version SVN issue de la branche Xbox de la version stable Atlantis XBMC.

T3CH indique que les versions SVN seront proposées à un rythme beaucoup moins habituel du fait de l'activité de plus en plus faible sur la branche Xbox.

Voici le changelog de cette version :

- Killarny & Nuka1195 & Pike's Apple Movie Trailers (AMT) SVN pre- rev2372 [scripts/Apple Movie Trailers]

- Nuka1195's Apple Movie Trailers II Plugin 1.4.1 [plugins/video/Apple Movie Trailers II]

- Team XBMC Lyrics 1.6.0 rev2346 SCRIPT [scripts/XBMC Lyrics]

- Asteron's Tetris 1.1 SCRIPT [scripts/Tetris]

- BigBellyBilly's T3CH Upgrader 1.7.5 SCRIPT [scripts/T3CH Upgrader]

- Boris Sitsker's YouTube 3.3 SCRIPT [scripts/YouTube3]

- Nuka1195's SVN Repo Installer 1.1 PLUGIN [plugins/programs/]

- Codecs for mplayer [/system/players/mplayer/codecs/*]

- 2009-01-25 17349 [XBOX]: revert the use of TranslatePath() for _P(), as it breaks some stuff on Xbox (like it did on Win32 too with playlists etc.). We will get rid of it anyway ASAP, I hope..

- 2009-01-25 17342 [XBOX]: merged Linuxport revisions 17283,17287,17288,17294,17295,17297,17298,17300

- 2009-01-25 17333 [XBOX]: fixed #5636 - items added to the playlist from Python are added twice. Fixed by reverting part of the Curl updates/merges from Linuxport + fixed some cosmetics.

- 2009-01-23 17285 [XBOX]: fixed: errors in the previous commit

- 2009-01-23 17284 [XBOX]: fixed: xbmc would lock up if the playlists section in the music db was accessed. I fixed this by adding _P()'s to all paths in CFileItem, like how it's done in Linuxport (note that I don't completely understand why this works, but it does ). Also synced CFileItem with the one in Linuxport.

- 2009-01-22 17273 [XBOX]: merged Linuxport revision 17272 - removed GetMatchingSource from VirtualDirectory after discussion with jmarshall to fix playlists in library mode. Also implemented (better) TranslatePath() support. Thanks to WiSo & JMarshall.

- 2009-01-21 17267 [XBOX]: merged Linuxport revision 17261 to fix DVD playback

- 2009-01-21 17266 [XBOX]: fixed: previous merge broke a lot of stuff due to the new special:// directory in linuxport. I've reverted part of the merge to fix this. Also made _P() translate to TranslateSpecialPath() for now.

- 2009-01-21 17263 [XBOX]: changed: renamed paplayer.cpp to paplayer_xbox.cpp for consistency + merged part of r16389 (win32 resampler)

- 2009-01-21 17260 [XBOX]: merged Linuxport revisions 17073,17074-17076,17080-17089,17094-17096,17102,17103,17106,17108,17111-17114 17118-17120,17123,17124,17129,17130,17131,17132,17133,17139,17142,17143 17145-17147,17181,17187,17190,17193-17195,17198,17202,17203,17209,17210,17217 17224,17230,17247,17249,17252,17258 Also added a basic platformdefs.h

- 2009-01-19 17201 fixed: audioscrobbler submissions.

- 2009-01-19 17185 fixed: gapless mp3 playback.

- 2009-01-16 17126 [Xbox] changed: temperature update interval back to 1 second.

- 2009-01-14 17069 [Xbox]: merged Linuxport revisions 16964,16966,16967,16973,16975,16978-16980,16982,16983,16985-16992,16994,16998 17003-17005,17008,17009,17012,17013,17016,17018-17021,17024-17030,17032-17035 17037-17040,17042-17045,17055,17057-17061,17063-17068

- 2009-01-13 17062 [Xbox]: Fixed #5662. Settings was showed twice in the context menu in the programs section.

- 2009-01-09 16971 merged: upnp from branch 16970

- 2009-01-08 16963 [Xbox]: merged Linuxport revisions 16895,16896,16898,16899,16901,16902,16913-16916,16918-16922,16923,16924,16927 16929-16933,16935,16940,16943,16948-16951,16955-16958,16962 Note: 16747,16837,16838,16843,16844,16853,16854 got merged during the previous merge but accidentally the text was missing

- 2009-01-06 16903 changed: don't allow shutdown timeout if video is paused.

- 2009-01-05 16894 [Xbox]: merged Linuxport revisions 16856,16857,16859-16864,16866,16869-16874,16876,16877,16878,16885,16889,16890,16892

- 2009-01-02 16835 merged: upnp from linuxport branch #16827

- 2009-01-02 16828 merged: upnp from linuxport branch #16827

download.gif XBMC 2009-01-25 SVN rev17349

homesite.gif  Site officiel : http://t3ch.yi.se/

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