XBMC 2008-06-01 SVN rev13360 build - T3CH

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Nouvelle version de XBMC 2.0.1, lecteur multimédia pour Xbox qu'on ne présente plus.

Pour rappel, XBMC n'utilise plus le système CVS mais SVN pour la gestion des sources. De même, les versions T3CH intègrent désormais la version XBMC Win32 PC environment (fichier .exe) dont nous vous expliquions le fonctionnement sur cet article.

Voici le changelog de cette version :

- Killarny & Nuka1195 & Pike's Apple Movie Trailers (AMT) SVN pre0.99.4b rev2118 [scripts/Apple Movie Trailers]

- EnderW & Blittan's XBMCScripts Installer 1.8 SCRIPT [scripts/XBMCScripts]

- Team XBMC Lyrics 1.5.8 rev2068 SCRIPT [scripts/XBMC Lyrics]

- Asteron's Tetris 1.1 SCRIPT [scripts/Tetris]

- BigBellyBilly's T3CH Upgrader 1.6 SCRIPT [scripts/T3CH Upgrader]

- Nuka1195's XBMC-Addons Installer 1.1 PLUGIN [plugins/programs/]

- Codecs for mplayer [/system/players/mplayer/codecs/*]

- I've removed "Nuka1195 & Dataratt's AOL Videos Plugin" and updated "Nuka1195's XBMC-Addons Installer" to 1.1

- I've also removed "PM3 Red Theme + PM3 Blue Theme by Jezz_X".

- 2008-06-01 13360 merged: backported various warning fixes from linuxport

- 2008-06-01 13359 fixed: don't refresh library on source list changes (dvdrom status for instance) (thanks cptspiff)

- 2008-06-01 13358 updated: dutch language file, thanks Bram77

- 2008-06-01 13357 fixed: lastfm friends didn't work with source added like lastfm://xbmc/user/ instead of generic lastfm://

- 2008-06-01 13356 fixed: crash in mediaviews due to checking first character of an empty string.... (linuxbranch rev 13355)

- 2008-05-31 13344 changed: IsMediaWindow() to return false for WindowXMLDialog

- 2008-05-31 13339 updated: scraper, thanks Smuto!

- 2008-05-31 13335 fixed: when file stream eof, we just still keep on handling read in the same manner to allow seekbacks in dvdplayer. fixed: when demuxer eof, we must turn of caching

- 2008-05-31 13328 reverted: mplayer.dll - part of the additional error checking for avi indexes had the opposite affect, and broke index reading for some streams.

- 2008-05-31 13325 fixed: -forceidx was always passed to mplayer for streams where we didn't know it was video.

- 2008-05-30 13320 fixed: Multiple episodes in one file would ignore all but the last episode (thanks cptspiff)

- 2008-05-29 13318 fixed: make cmythfile updates it's internal program info every 5 seconds, so dvdplayer keeps up with changing programs

- 2008-05-29 13317 fixed: CCharsetConverter::ucs2CharsetToStringCharset would rewrite source string by swabing it

- 2008-05-29 13316 changed: clean up string length allocations for charset conversions to be more readable and understandable

- 2008-05-29 13315 added: musicplayer.position(number).*, musicplayer.offset(number).* info labels and boolean conditions for retrieving items from the music nowplaying list. offset is relative to the current playing item, position is relative to the start of the playlist. We also have conditions musicplayer.hasnext and musicplayer.hasprevious as well as musicplayer.offset(number).exists to check whether playlist items exist. Thanks to kraqh3d for the original patch.

- 2008-05-29 13314 fixed: pydoc error

- 2008-05-29 13313 changed: CMythFile::GetStartTime to return number of seconds into this file current show starts, instead of how many seconds back the recording started (same as multiplying by -1). fixed: CMythFile::GetStartTime would be wrong when next show started.

- 2008-05-29 13310 added: Python method addContextMenuItem() to listitem. you can add up to 10 items to the context menu per listitem. useful for plugins. thanks cptspiff, but you didn't want to use all 10 did you smile.gif listitem.addContextMenuItem([('Theater Showtimes', 'XBMC.RunScript(,Iron Man)',)]) fixed: some pydoc links

- 2008-05-29 13308 fixed: iconv stores a state after char conversion, which can affect next converted line, so clear this after conversion. This was the cause of the long standing bug of last character of previous line showed up on next line in hebrew (among others) subtitles.

- 2008-05-29 13304 fixed: full color range 4:2:0 images, need not be resampled with swscale

- 2008-05-29 13303 updated: ffmpeg libs from mplayerhq. (i forgot to strip old version) changed: restored original method for finding stream duration for mpegs, as new method could be slow for files with large number of streams.

- 2008-05-29 13302 fixed: The normal skin color file is defaults.xml, not default.xml

- 2008-05-28 13298 added: allow linking a movie to several shows (thanks cptspiff)

- 2008-05-28 13297 fixed: myth client wouldn't update current playing show when one ended and next started.

- 2008-05-28 13296 changed: allow differing extensions for movies and trailers (thanks cptspiff)

- 2008-05-28 13295 added: ask if user want to remove library items when removing a source (thanks cptspiff)

- 2008-05-28 13294 fixed: automatic album info lookups were broken (thanks cptspiff)

- 2008-05-28 13293 changed: use a state with critical section for time/chapter/recording state which gets access by gui thread, instead of accessing inputstream/demuxers directly. avoids some of the odd crashes. added: chapter support for mkv files.

- 2008-05-28 13292 reverted: ask if user want to remove library items when removing a source (thx ctpspiff), line endings

- 2008-05-28 13291 reverted: allow differing extensions for movies and trailers (try 2), again lineendings

- 2008-05-28 13290 revert: allow linking a movie to several shows (thx cptspiff), line endings again

- 2008-05-28 13288 added: allow linking a movie to several shows (thx cptspiff)

- 2008-05-28 13287 changed: allow differing extensions for movies and trailers (try 2)

- 2008-05-28 13286 reverted: allow differing extensions for movies and trailers, due to lineending changes

- 2008-05-28 13285 changed: ask if user want to remove library items when removing a source (thx ctpspiff)

- 2008-05-28 13284 changed: allow differing extensions for movies and trailers

- 2008-05-28 13283 cosmetic: removed unnecessary wait in audio player of dvdplayer

- 2008-05-28 13282 changed: don't consider aspect change something you need to reopen video streams

- 2008-05-28 13281 fixed: dvdplayer sometime gave a chapter count when no chapters where available

- 2008-05-28 13279 changed: some links to the manual for pydocs

- 2008-05-28 13278 Fixed : "Play Using" Context menu showed when only 1 player was available

- 2008-05-27 13269 updated: Finnish strings, thanks mikko70

- 2008-05-27 13252 added: httpapi GetCurrentlyPlaying 'Changed' tag which indicates if the media's status has changed since GetCurrentlyPlaying was last called. Also added additional optional parameter to only return info if changed (see online help)

- 2008-05-27 13249 changed: Only update visibility of container layouts and static content if the container itself is visible.

- 2008-05-27 13247 fixed: Typos in smartplaylists and videodatabase queries (sf patches [1973711] and [1973718]), thanks to tut-ankh-amon.

- 2008-05-27 13246 fixed: Select the correct artist when looking up artist info and allowing user choice.

- 2008-05-27 13245 cleanup: Cleaned up some labels (thanks cptspiff)

- 2008-05-26 13236 changed: make g_urltimeout in dvdplayer ffmpeg demuxer a thread local variable. if multiple demuxers are in use in different threads, they could break each other. (doesn't really affect trunk, but linux branch needs this due to thumb loader)

- 2008-05-26 13235 cosmetic change to keep functions doing the same thing named the same

- 2008-05-26 13234 fixed: video corruption in dvdplayer when subs on screen. only occurred if image based subtitles were on (or on their way to) screen, and the image output from videocodec used a stride different from width.

- 2008-05-26 13233 fixed: Missing string on smart video playlists.

- 2008-05-25 13228 merged: changes to dvdplayer from linux branch, mainly cosmetics.

- 2008-05-25 13227 updated: dvdplayer ffmpeg libs to latest mplayerhq version + nuv seeking/duration patch.

- 2008-05-25 13225 fixed: dll was named wrong

- 2008-05-25 13224 fixed: dvdplayer would always default to first program in a ts stream. now it default to first program that has streams.

- 2008-05-25 13222 changed: don't timeout ffmpeg read_frame untill after 20 seconds. (fixes the issues with the method to get quicker aborts in dvdplayer that was reverted in linux branch)

- 2008-05-25 13219 added: Smartplaylists for albums, movies, tvshows + episodes, plus made watched status (and number of watched/unwatched episodes) available at the show and season levels. Users should update their skins to get all labels to show correctly. (Merge from watched branch.)

- 2008-05-23 13197 fixed: Number of retries before a playlist complains about the number of failed consecutive items was not initialized (should be 100)

- 2008-05-22 13192 changed: case-sensitive include path (not really needed, merged from linuxport)

- 2008-05-22 13191 changed: "xbox media center" string to "xbmc media center"

- 2008-05-22 13189 fixed: nfo files for tvshows in their current form (i.e. as exported) did not load their thumbs. The tvshow export format may need some work.

- 2008-05-22 13179 updated: Greek language file, thanks Ydatografida.

- 2008-05-21 13174 Fixed : [PM3] Rating stars in "media Info" view for Songs was only visible if sorted by rating (Stupid Copy Paste error)

- 2008-05-21 13173 Changed : [PM3] Order of the home buttons put Pictures under Music order is now (Programs,) Changed : [PM3] Programs button in home is only displayed on the xbox since it doesn't do anything on other platforms order for main buttons is now (Videos,Music,Pictures,Weather,Scripts)

- 2008-05-21 13170 fixed: views conditional on content type would be reset to list (or some other view) on returning to the window after being elsewhere (home, settings, fullscreenvideo etc.)

- 2008-05-20 13169 fixed: saving of playlists from the playlist editor.

- 2008-05-20 13168 added: export our statically linked zlib through our dlloader

- 2008-05-20 13164 fixed: invalid logging of failure to init overlay codec

- 2008-05-20 13163 cosmetics: removed unnecessary Decode indirection for overlay codecs

- 2008-05-20 13162 added: ass/ssa subtitle infrastructure from linuxbranch for dvdplayer. (currently no dll, so not working) fixed: a few crashes in the ass/ssa subtitle infrastructure if it failed to load dll. fixed: ass/ssa overlays must use special buffer instead of gpu texture when rendering subtitle as reading from gpu texture is slow (alpha blending) Ps. This isn't cleanly mergable to linuxbranch, will require hand care, as it does have some cosmetics and changes to the ass files. I will look at merging that back later.

- 2008-05-20 13149 fixed: keyword was wrong for getSupportedMedia() python method.

- 2008-05-19 13137 changed: Xbox Media Center to XBMC in all the other places I could find it, the only place it was kept was where application compatibility should be concerned

- 2008-05-19 13135 fixed: Smartplaylists for music videos weren't retrieving artist + genre matches correctly, thanks to tut-ankh-amon

- 2008-05-19 13129 changed: renamed Xbox Media Center to XBMC in xbmc.vcproj

- 2008-05-19 13128 removed: old sqlite tools

- 2008-05-19 13127 added: Python method getSupportedMedia('video/music/picture'). The return value is a pipe separated string of filetypes (eg. '.mov|.avi')

- 2008-05-19 13124 changed: more references to Xbox Media Center changed to XBMC

- 2008-05-19 13123 changed: replaced most references to Xbox Media Center to XBMC

- 2008-05-19 13122 added: a few license headers that we missed the first time changed: Changelog.exe should print XBMC instead of Xbox Media Center. Should we really have Changelog.exe in SVN?

- 2008-05-19 13121 fixed: reverted part of 12983 as episode thumbs from no longer loaded.

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Salut, c'est quoi la différence entre CVS et SVN?

c'est pas le systeme qu'utilise xbmc pour lire ce qu'il y a dans un dossier par le réseau par exemple?

si c'est ça, lequel est le plus rapid ou pourquoi?

merci d'avance

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Salut, c'est quoi la différence entre CVS et SVN?

c'est pas le systeme qu'utilise xbmc pour lire ce qu'il y a dans un dossier par le réseau par exemple?

si c'est ça, lequel est le plus rapid ou pourquoi?

merci d'avance

Allo, pour te répondre :




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c'est pas le systeme qu'utilise xbmc pour lire ce qu'il y a dans un dossier par le réseau par exemple?


si c'est ça, lequel est le plus rapid ou pourquoi?

donc aucune réponse à ces questions ....

et tu ne trouveras que des svn maintenant puisque ce système de distribution a été retenu depuis une grosse année et a donc remplacé les cvs .....

En gros, ça n'a strictement rien à voir avec tes questions et on se demande bien comment tu as pu arriver à un hors sujet pareil ....

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