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suite à la release de l'exploit webkit sur PS Vita, les devs ne sont pas en reste puisque cet exploit a été porté sur PS4 et compatible firmware 1.76

Developers nas and proxima have extended the recently released Vita Webkit exploit, and made it compatible with the latest PS4 firmware, firwmare 1.76. (Update: Proxima actually clarified that although this is the same webkit exploit, it was developed in parallel to the Vita exploit, and not “based” on it)

Their proof of concept code provides several samples, including a module dumper and some tool to create more advanced ROP code.

I am not close to my PS4 right now and cannot confirm if the Proof of Concept actually works, but the code looks perfectly legit, the devs behind this have a great track of record, and it should be a matter of minutes now for other people to confirm that this indeed works.

This webkit exploit, just like in the case of the same exploit for the Vita revealed last week, will not be extremely useful to the end user, except to confirm that their PS4 is indeed exploitable. It does however seem to provide some basic tools for developers who want to explore its functionality, and, more importantly, it is the first public entry point into PS4 hacking ever, which is a massive breakthrough.


This piece of news comes just as Sony have announced upcoming firmware 2.00, which will be released next week. It goes without saying that if you have expectations to use the hack that just got released, it might be wise to not update your PS4.

Where to test this?

I have uploaded the proof of concept pages here, you can point your PS4 to these urls, and report:

Of course as soon as I have the possibility, I’ll be testing those myself.


The full files, sources, etc.. from nas and proxima for this PS4 1.76 webkit exploit can be downloaded here.

You can discuss this more at the source: nas on /talk

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