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redsquirrel87 a décidé de proposer régulièrement de nouvelles versions de Showtime, une application pour PS3 basé sur un portage de Showtime, un média player utilisé sur les stations HTPC.


Nouveautés/corrections :

v3.3.409 (Jan 23, 2012):

Merge pull request #62 from wader/osx_fixes

osx: spotlight: Assign ctype properly

Fix uninitialized warning

osx: spotify: Fix logic and cleanup configure arg

Update Bulgarian translation

Various fixes for libav 0.8

Update German translation

Update Italian translation

v3.3.401 (Jan 21, 2012):

Include Showtime's spotify appkey in the build

Update Swedish translation

Make it possible to configure if Showtime is to include all .srt files from a directory

httpapi: Some commented out helpers for memory fragmentation diag.

ps3: Don't play h264 constrained baseline using the cell accelerated decoder (it does not work)

Add some more blacklisted file-endings (.exe and .tmp)

v3.3.390 (Jan 20, 2012):

Merge pull request #60 from Daisho/master

Update Danish translation

Update from sept 2011 to 3.4RC

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

ps3: Fix more picture order problems

v3.3.384 (Jan 13, 2012):

Fix bug causing screen saver to show a little too much stuff at once

ps3: Fix regression from last commit (seek caused picture order problems)

Update trad. chinese translation

ps3: Various fixes for problems with cell accelerated h264 playback

ps3: Fix mono float (ac3, etc) audio output

v3.3.379 (Jan 11, 2012):

Minor fixes

Add support for plural forms in i18n code

Update Polish translation

glw: Make sure the UI respects orientation of images also when doing alpha shaded borders

glw: More clist wip

Don't try to write to blobcache if file load fails

Initial clist

Make it possible to turn off the multilingual 'No media loaded'

Mac: Map F4 -> Enable screen saver

theme: Make the 'No media loaded' screen a bit funkier

Use av_malloc() where we should

Add support for imageset: URIs

glw: Fix bug causing reload of images due to rescaling requirement to sometimes fail

v3.3.366 (Jan 04, 2012):

Autobuild fixes for ps3

Updates for autobuild system

glw: glt_url is always set, don't worry about anything else

glw: Fix linked list corruption causing UI freeze

Fix the broken 1088 -> 1080 fix

Drop stray printf

Fix bug causing incorrect rendering of text in GLW UI

Add support for UTF-16 SRT

Only consider SRT subs if rest of filename matches with movie filename.

VDPAU: Use shaders for scaling instead of the VDPAU mixer

v3.3.356 (Dec 28, 2011):

Update german translation de_DE

Update Danish translation

VDPAU: Disable spatial deinterlacing on 1080 content. Not all GPUs are fast enuf

VDPAU: If height == 1088, say it's 1080 because it works!

htsp: increase buffer

upnp: Fix arist images in screensaver. Also plug a memory leak

glw: Add support for simulating texture load failures

Use rstr_t on more places

Fix problems with multiopt in javascript

Revert "Add prop_select_first()"

multiopt setting: Make sure something is always selected

Add prop_select_first()

v3.3.344 (Dec 16, 2011):

Keep audio pipeline full even if audio is turned off (during video playback)

Fix crash

ps3: Correct identification of mounted optical drives (names and icon)

videoplayback: If we get an error during playback wait until buffers are empty before we exit.

Update Slovenian translation

blobcache: Fix a bunch of bugs

Add missing file (md5.h)

A new filebased blobcache. sqlite just didn't make it

Add pool_num()

Fix http_ctime()

theme: Add missing SkipBack and SkipNext icons

svg: Add support for

The file bundler does not really support file with spaces, so avoid that

upnp: Grab albumart for images and videos as well

theme: Move video title above image

docs: Mention from which version settings.createMultiOpt() is available

v3.3.328 (Dec 13, 2011):

js: Add createMultiOpt() to the settings object and fix various race conditions.

Make settings_create_multiopt() accept prop_courier argument like the rest of the settings does

Clear callback when setting is destroyed

Add prop_courier_create_lockmgr()

Make prop_get_name() thread safe

settings: Avoid duplicate init for integer settings

Add setting_detach()

Update Russian translation

Change some pthread_ into hts_

Fix support for 5.0 audio

js: Load raw js code from a detached thread to avoid blocking the main thread

Better support for truncating text

Add some code for loading raw javascript from commandline

Correctly deal with SQLITE_LOCKED in blobcache

Update Italian translation

v3.3.312 (Dec 10, 2011):

glw: Make image loaders load expired images from cache if they are available.

Merge pull request #57 from cocoon/master

If Video-Option "Stretch to fullscreen" is on, don't shrink movie proportional, this fills the screen with the complete movie. So there should be no blac

Add Video-Option for Fullscreen-Stretch (no black bars / not proportional)

Update src/video/video_settings.h

v3.3.307 (Dec 06, 2011):

Initial version of Autobuild.sh

Various fixes to the build system

Add shadows

Update Slovenian translation

Add icons to list2's audio options

theme: subtype 'starred' -> Star.svg

Rework enqueue icon a bit

svg: Use my_str2double

dbl: Fix support for scientific notation

Add two missing icons

Fix typo

v3.3.296 (Dec 01, 2011):

Missing SVG file

glwtheme: Replace all icons with vector versions instead

Fix use after free()

Add a simple SVG renderer

Plug memory leak

Fix build break

ps3: Fix buffer management issues

Fix some race conditions when exiting video playback

Fix possible use after free

Don't wait for the video playback controller to terminate.

Fix initialized but unused warning

configure.linux: Unbreak --cc option

v3.3.282 (Nov 28, 2011):

Remove unused var

Remove a mutex from GLW texture load.

Refactor pixmap decoding (move away from UI texture/pixmap code)

text: Fix various bugs related to outline rendering

Fix include path

text: Improve text rendering by applying a box filter on the shadow

pixmap: Add a box blur filter

v3.3.275 (Nov 24, 2011):

Merge pull request #55 from drizztbsd/master

Allow HTTP cookies to be properly overridden from plugins (just as all other headers)

Add http_header_add_alloced()

Update Swedish translation

Update language files from source

Update Protugese translation

Fix fallout on Linux and PS3 from the "Use -iquote for local headers" commit

Merge remote branch 'wader/local_headers'

Always try to give audio/subtitle tracks a name

Use -iquote for local headers

v3.3.264 (Nov 21, 2011):

Various fixes to browse decoration

prop: Add timeout parameter to prop_courier_wait()

Use rstr for album names in browse decoration

Update German translation

Use rstr for URLs in browse decrorator

rstr: Add rstr_set() helper

prop: Add rstr specific callbacks for subscriptions

Fix bug causing playcount, etc being corrupt sometimes

Update Swedish translation

Update lang files from source

Update Bulgarian translation

Support for movie cover arts in same directory

Missing stuff from last commit + some rstr optimizations in media tracks

Split metadb stuff into a file of its own

Move metadata.[ch] into metadata/

Update Italian translation

Remove unused var

v3.3.247 (Nov 18, 2011):

Extract title of tracks from matroska files

Rewrite buffer handling for media streaming

docs: Mention that showtime.readFile() is not available in release builds

Rework media buffering a bit

v3.3.243 (Nov 16, 2011):

Add Solvenian translation

Fix some problems causing showtime to suddenly stop showing items when browsing

Merge pull request #54 from jonask/master

Migrate restartposition from videoitem to item.

Bookmarks: Correctly set property when selecting the photo icon

Update Danish translation

Update Russian translation

v3.3.228 (Nov 15, 2011):

Merge pull request #53 from alexandrezia/fixDisplayLastSubtitleEntry

Fix some bugs when creating pixmaps

http: Fix some problems with connection: close and SSL

Fix a bug where showtime does not display the last subtitle entry

glw: Remote the hqScaling attribute

v3.3.223 (Nov 10, 2011):

Merge pull request #52 from alexandrezia/fixThumbnailFromBlobCache

Correctly initialize leaf routes in http server

glw: Add touch velocity

Drop ancient docs

glw: Add (initial) support for touch pads

Remove dead code

Merge pull request #51 from tomodachi/master

Fix thumbnail retrieval from blobCache, in thumbnail navigation

fixed build for gcc ver 4.6.1

Fix video thumbnails

glwtheme: Update list2 view a bit

glw: Workaround crazyness when focus code invokes itself

glw: add isVoid()

js: Add support for POSTing plain strings using httpPost

v3.3.209 (Nov 08, 2011):

httpclient: 200 ... 205 codes are all OK

Lots of various fixes to Showtime's UPnP implementation

http: Move HTTP datetime functions to http.c and use them in both client and server

httpclient: Host header should be hostname:port if port != 80

v3.3.205 (Nov 06, 2011):

Improve the extens API a bit

Add more stats about memory usage

Ces versions sont dit "non officielles" car il ne s'agit pas d'une compilation réalisée par l'auteur de projet, lonelycoder. Ces versions permettront de tester rapidement les ajouts effectués sur le code de développement sans attendre de versions officielles qui peuvent être plus longues à sortir.

Merci à emboitor pour le relais de l'information.

download.gif Showtime Unofficial 3.3.409

homesite.gif Site officiel : www.redsquirrel87.com

Lien vers article original : http://ps3.gx-mod.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=3054

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Salut à tous,

J'aurai besoin que quelqu'un post un miroir de cette version car elle contient un fix que j'ai demandé et les deux seul possibilité de téléchargement sont filesonic (qui ne fonctionne pas) et le ftp du site. Et je ne peut pas télécharger le fichier depuis le ftp car je suis connecté a un hot spot (sfr wifi pourri ^^).

Merci d'avance.

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