XBMC 07-05-2007 SVN rev8807 build - T3CH

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Nouvelle version de XBMC 2.0.1, lecteur multimédia pour Xbox qu'on ne présente plus.

Pour rappel, XBMC n'utilise plus le système CVS mais SVN pour la gestion des sources. De même, les versions T3CH intègrent désormais la version XBMC Win32 PC environment (fichier .exe) dont nous vous expliquions le fonctionnement sur cet article

Voici le changelog de cette version :

Citation :

- Killarny & Nuka1195 & Pikes Apple Movie Trailers (AMT) SVN pre-0.97.5 [scripts: Apple Movie Trailers]

- BritneysPAIRS's ~110 choosen Milkdrop presets [visualisations: MD - BPs Selection]

- EnderW & Blittans XBMCScripts Installer 1.8 SCRIPT [scripts: XBMCScripts]

- Team XBMC Lyrics 1.5 SCRIPT [scripts: XBMC Lyrics]

- Rockstar's Snake 1.0 SCRIPT [scripts: Snake]

- Asteron's Tetris 1.0 SCRIPT [scripts: Tetris]

- Nuka1195's T3CH Downloader SCRIPT [scripts: T3CH Downloader]

- Codecs for mplayer [/system/players/mplayer/codecs/:*]

- Changed : PM3 Removed Dashboard button from the shutdown menu and replaced it with a button to the new Favourites menu. This means you can get to your favourites from anywhere now. For those people who don't use xbmc as their default dash just add your dash to the favourites menu instead

- added: Smart playlist editor for music. Accessible from Playlists in music library, and on context menu on/in an existing smart playlist.

- 2007-05-07 8807 fixed: forgot to fix calls to entry function after changing typedef

- 2007-05-07 8800 added: Sort by Name (filters on the label you set in music settings) to songs views in music library.

- 2007-05-07 8799 fixed: More mouse fixes. All controls should now work with the mouse.

- 2007-05-07 8798 fixed: errors and inconsistencies in DllLoader as noticed when porting to linux branch

- 2007-05-06 8792 updated: french language (thanks to frostbox)

- 2007-05-06 8790 fixed: deleting an item from the video library now clears the path hash so new scans can be performed on the folder

- 2007-05-06 8789 changed: export is a reserved keyword on with some compilers

- 2007-05-06 8788 fixed: tv show thumbs didnt get assigned to the folders.

- 2007-05-06 8786 fixed : changed string id in MyVideoNav.xml as the description was showing incorrect.

- 2007-05-06 8784 changed: killed some warnings in the UnrarXLib build in preparation for moving it into standard solution

- 2007-05-06 8782 fixed: image distortion when doing direct rendering with mplayer ( still has too many issues to be enabled in code )

- 2007-05-06 8775 fixed: issues with thumb assignment to dirs during rarred movie scans.

- 2007-05-06 8774 fixed: Various mouse issues. Many controls (eg spinners, lists) still won't work correctly.

- 2007-05-06 8773 fixed: remove content in video library didnt remove path hashes (rescan wouldnt work afterwards even if you assigned new content).

- 2007-05-06 8772 updated: Finnish language (thanks to mikko) updated: Icelandic language (thanks to sholafsson) updated:
(Traditional) language (thanks to omenpica) updated:
(Simple) language (thanks to pc-man)

- 2007-05-05 8765 fixed: invalid types for dllaccept function

- 2007-05-05 8763 fixed: crashes in dvd player due to misunderstanding of std::stringstream usage after TinyXML change to use std::io

- 2007-05-05 8762 fixed: minor type in CFileStream which hindered the use of a backbuffer added: seeking using internal buffer in CFileStream for offsets from current position

- 2007-05-05 8760 changed: use new CFileStream to read playlists, means file need not be completly buffered into memory before attempting to parse it.

- 2007-05-05 8759 changed: allow play using on playlist files ( will only actually play first item with the selected player ). normally only single item playlists are considered playlists anyway ( unless playlistsasfolders is disabled ).

- 2007-05-05 8758 changed: removed logging of statting in emulation layer, python logged a silly amount on that.

- 2007-05-05 8757 fixed: emulated bind function would fail on localhost address "" and on xbox ip address. fixed: emulated accept function would return xbox socket pointer instead of index to emulation socket.

- 2007-05-05 8756 fixed: play using didn't work on stacked items

- 2007-05-05 8754 fixed: very odd usage of bool pointer during python ListItem_Select. It worked by pure chance smile.gif.

- 2007-05-05 8752 fixed: Albums weren't removed from the library when all the songs had been removed if an albuminfo lookup had been performed.

- 2007-05-05 8751 added: Ability for contextmenu buttons to use vis conditions, to allow different looks for different places in the skin.

- 2007-05-03 8743 changed: Multipaths are now the default.

- 2007-05-03 8742 added: support for vp7vfw.dll in DllLoader and by that in mplayer. don't expect very high performance as it seems about as complex to decode as h264

- 2007-05-03 8741 fixed: compile error

- 2007-05-03 8740 fixed: Song information showed up in context menu on a smart playlist.

- 2007-05-03 8739 Fixed : PM3 Navigation in Smart Playlist Editor Changed : PM3 Layout of SmartPlaylistRule.xml to better match rest of pm3 dialogs

- 2007-05-03 8738 fixed: New smart playlist dialogs didn't have strings assigned to them. They're smartplaylisteditor and smartplaylistrule.

- 2007-05-03 8737 added: Python methods select() and isSelected() to the listitem changed: Python documentation for listitem

- 2007-05-03 8736 added: loop="true" ability to conditional animations.

- 2007-05-03 8735 fixed: Comment reading in id3tags just read the first comment. Now reads the first non-empty comment.

- 2007-05-03 8734 fixed: And the rest of the build profiles.

- 2007-05-03 8733 fixed: XBMC_PC release build.

- 2007-05-03 8732 fixed: Compile issue with release build.

- 2007-05-03 8731 fixed: Wrong item was highlighted in music when playing in sort by file mode.

- 2007-05-02 8730 fixed: typo in previous commit about multiple buffers during render

- 2007-05-02 8729 changed: added xbmc root to default include directory and changed stdafx.h includes to not use ../stdafx.h specification. those won't normally be detected as precompiled headers anyway.

- 2007-05-02 8728 fixed: HQ Pixelshader - V2 would not display any image in window mode / calibration

- 2007-05-02 8727 changed: minor fix for deletion of buffers when allowing direct rendering

- 2007-05-02 8726 changed: added prototype for CApplicationMessenger as some places manage to include Application.h without stdafx.h

- 2007-05-02 8725 added: CFileStream layer based on std::istream, allows using >> functions from files changed: enabled TiXML STL functions to allow direct reading from CFileStream objects, skipping string buffering

- 2007-05-02 8724 changed: don't include stdafx.h from .h files

- 2007-05-02 8723 changed: don't registry access in DllLoader normally as wm9 dll's loag a huge ammount then.

- 2007-05-02 8722 changed: defining static string arrays in .h files which is included in every file isn't the best.

- 2007-05-02 8721 fixed: Parent file items were missing from cached file lists - missed the path.

- 2007-05-02 8720 fixed: Parent file items were missing from cached file lists.

- 2007-05-02 8719 added: Workaround for invalid iTunes id3v2 tags (eg TCP and TCMP). Wish they would just stick to the standard!

- 2007-05-02 8718 added: Smart playlist editor for music. Accessible from Playlists in music library, and on context menu on/in an existing smart playlist.

- 2007-05-02 8717 added: SetFromDBDate() routine to CDateTime, to translate YYYY-MM-DD date strings.

- 2007-05-02 8716 fixed: CUtil::TranslateSpecialPath() now checks slash at end insensitive.

- 2007-05-02 8715 fixed: CDirectory::Exists/Delete/Create failed on special:// URLs.

- 2007-05-02 8714 fixed: Assert in debug when a multiimage had a single image in it's path.

- 2007-05-01 8698 added: FLAC embedded PICTURE metadata.

- 2007-04-30 8697 fixed: getMediaLocation() didn't set the folder flag for filefolders (playlists etc.)

- 2007-04-30 8696 updated:
(Traditional) language (thanks to omenpica) updated German (Austria) language (thanks to ceomr) updated: Polish language (thanks to napek) updated:
(Simple) language (thanks to pcman) updated: Spanish language (thanks to jose_t) updated: French language (thanks to frostbox)

- 2007-04-30 8695 updated: German language file (Based on english strings version 8690)

- 2007-04-30 8694 Changed : PM3 Removed "Not Locked" text from Music Visualisation Vis info. If it doesn't say "Locked" then its not

- 2007-04-30 8693 Changed : PM3 Removed Dashboard button from the shutdown menu and replaced it with a button to the new Favourites menu. This means you can get to your favourites from anywhere now. For those people who don't use xbmc as their default dash just add your dash to the favourites menu instead

download.gif XBMC 07-05-2007 SVN rev8807 build - T3CH

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