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AuroraWright vient tout juste de mettre à disposition une nouvelle version majeure de son Custom Firmware, qui apporte un certain nombre de nouveautés ainsi qu'une simplification dans sa mise en oeuvre, notamment sur les consoles profitant de A9LH. Parmi les changements les plus importants, on notera :

  • Les firmwares patchés (FIRM, AGB et TWL) ne sont plus obligatoires sur la carte SD (mais optionnel pour ceux qui le veulent)
  • Le jeu en ligne est possible sur un firmware obsolète (ne fonctionne pas pour l'eShop ou les services NNID)
  • La langue des jeux (pour peu qu'ils soient multi-langues évidemment) peut être forcée, au cas par cas ou globalement
  • Une option permet de régler certains paramètres du CPU, comme sous NTR (N3DS uniquement)
  • La console peut être déclarée comme une unité de développement, permettant d'avoir des options de debugging plus avancées et d'exécuter des applications développeur
  • La génération des clés étant interne, AuReiNand devrait à priori être compatible avec les prochaines mises à jour FIRM (N3DS)

Le changelog complet (en anglais) ci-dessous, décrit plus précisément la fonction pour forcer la langue des jeux, pour ceux que ça intéresserait.

Changelog (v5.0) :

  • The way AuReiNand works has changed. Now you can specify to autoboot SysNAND or not, and a NAND is no more tied to a FIRM (since 9.0 FIRM is autodetected). If you press nothing the default NAND is booted with its own FIRM, L boots the non-default NAND with its own FIRM, R boots EmuNAND with the SysNAND FIRM if you picked "Use SysNAND FIRM as default", and vice-versa.
  • Gotten rid of the patched FIRMs, AuReiNand now finds and loads all the FIRMs from CTRNAND by default. If you are booting an emuNAND, the FIRM will also be loaded from its CTRNAND by default. This applies to AGB and TWL FIRM too, and allows for a very fast boot with no firmware files on the SD card.
  • If for some reason (like using NTR) you do not want to use the CTRNAND FIRM, you can place a firmware.bin in the aurei folder and it will be loaded in place of the default FIRM (so, the SysNAND FIRM if you picked "Use SysNAND FIRM as default", and vice-versa).
  • In order for AuReiNand to handle FIRM reboots, the .bin path needs to be hardcoded in the program. The default is /arm9loaderhax.bin (the AuReiNand.dat is also supported for 9.0 people). A PC tool was written to make changing the path easier. Compiled versions are provided for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. On Windows just drag the ARN .bin on top of the program, and write the path. On the other OSes you need to use the tool from a command prompt. If you have AuReiNand as randomloader/default.bin, just type: randomloader/default.bin.
  • You can now use online for games even on outdated firmwares thanks to a patch by TuxSH. NVer is still needed to access the eShop and NNID-related services.
  • You can now have the console report itself as a developer unit, which enables additional debugging in ErrDisp and also allows you to run software for development 3DSes on retail consoles. Thanks to Steveice10 for this!
  • Rewrote the configuration menu to allow for multiple choice options and not to print the whole menu on each button press.
  • Added a region/language emulation feature, thanks to the hard work of TuxSH. Create a "locales" folder inside aurei, and one .txt for each game, with the title id of the game (look them up on The txt must be exactly 6 characters long: 3 for the region ("JPN", "USA", "EUR", "AUS", "CHN", "KOR", "TWN"), a space, and two for the language ("JP", "EN", "FR", "DE", "IT", "ES", "ZH", "KO", "NL", "PT", "RU", "TW"). You can enable the feature globally in the config menu. This should also finally make DLCs for foreign games work.
  • Added a New 3DS CPU patch, again thanks to TuxSH. This only has an effect on New 3DS consoles, and allows you to configure the CPU inside the config menu, the same way NTR does: Off disables the patch, and then you can choose to enable the higher clock for all games, or the extra L2 cache, or both.
  • AuReiNand should automatically work with future New 3DS FIRMs as the key generation is now built-in.
  • Countless minor bug fixes and optimizations.
  • Heartfelt thanks to these people for this release: Gelex from #cakey who helped me debugging a very nasty bug in the early stages of development, and obviously TuxSH for all his work and Steveice10 for the UNITINFO patch. Also thanks to everyone who supports the project and helps fixing bugs.

download.png AuReiNand 5.0

homesite.png Site officiel / Sources (github)

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