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La team Rebug, connu pour ses glorieux Customs Firmwares du même nom, dans leur grande bonté, release le code source de leur ToolBox, l'un des outils clés du Custom. Ils ont aussi promis de donner, d'ici quelques jours, le code pour les outils qu'ils utilisent pour créer les Customs.

Leur raison et qu'ils espèrent que cela amènera de nouveaux développeurs dans la scène et bien que la Ps3 soit de l'ancienne génération, ils espèrent qu'elle a de l'avenir devant elle.

his all started 6 years ago when the PS3 was finally cracked. At first we had the PSgroove dongles.

I (evilsperm) contacted Cyberskunk and a new friendship was born. We worked to bring debug settings to the dongles at the time.

Yes we succeeded (and *** off lots of other devs because they couldnt pir8 off devnet anymore).

Than we were graced by the likes of Fail 0ver Flow, Geohot, Grafchokolo/glevand, and the entire PS3DEV team (the list is long).

After F0F released the first 1/2 of the keys to the kingdom Geohot stepped in and put the last piece of the puzzle together, and here we are today SIX YEAR LATER! (amazing how time goes by so fast)

After we had the ability to create custom firmware Cyberskunk and myself decided it was time to start creating the end all be all of custom firmware’s for the PS3. I think we have, and judging by the 1,000,000 + users of Rebug over the years I would say all of you think the same as well 😉

Rebug has and always will be focused around the Rebug toolbox and DEX. We came up with the idea when we were working on the dongles at the very start of the PS3 scene explosion. We had plenty of help along the way to get things perfect, we also need to thank DeanK for the source to Multiman and his help in creating the gui for the toolbox. Our first gui without DeanK was amazing ugly but functional 😛

Fast forward about 5 years:

We now have Joonie and Habib working with us on Rebug. These guys are super talented and we are happy to have them on the Rebug Team. Without these 2 Rebug would be no more. Cyberskunk has moved on and is trying to start a family, and I have been extremely busy, with work and kids. On top of that we had lost the final source code to the toolbox due to a server failure, and I had a very old backup that we were able to work with after Joonie and Habib got their hands on the source. They were able to tweak it even further and make it what it is today!

So Today we release the source to the masses. Maybe this will get more devs interested in the PS3 again because the PS3’s EOL is far from over. Hopefully we can make this a more open community to build upon. We will also be releasing all of our tools we use to build rebug in the coming weeks, so keep checking the site, twitter, facebook, all the forums, youtube or however you get your rebug fix 😉

Sorry, but we are not sorry for releasing this a long time ago

download.png Code source
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