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Voici la version 3.5 de XBMC qui est sortie le 14/10/2014 pour XBOX.

Principales évolutions 3.5 Finale :

Python 2.7 & API improvements

Python support in XBMC4Xbox has been overhauled, with the out of date Python 2.4 replaced with Python 2.7. This update, along with the addition of some missing API functions brings much better compatibility with Kodi (Formerly XBMC) plugins. The Addons4Xbox installer has also been updated, allowing many plugins written for Kodi to work right out of the box. The Python 2.7 update also brings performance improvements, and comes with fully working libraries for sqlite3, and SSL amongst others.

DVDPlayer updates

DVDPlayer (The main video player in XBMC4Xbox) has received numerous changes, including having the FFMpeg core libraries updated to v1.2.8 which brings a variety of new codecs, bug-fixes, and optimisations from the previous 0.10.x version. The libraries used for DVD navigation have also been updated which should bring better compatibility with problematic DVD menus.

Scraper fixes and clean-ups

We had a lot of broken and unmaintained scrapers with the previously version of XBMC4Xbox. With the 3.5 release only a few are included, but they are all maintained and working. We have scrapers for, as well as for music. Please do support and contribute to these open database projects, as the content and results are only as good as the information people have contributed.

PAPlayer updates

PAPlayer (the core audio player in XBMC4Xbox) has received some updates since the last version of XBMC4Xbox. DVDPlayer’s FFMpeg libraries are now used for decoding of some audio formats which means some of the old out of date libraries we used previously are no longer needed. This simplifies maintenance, and brings with it better performance and compatibility. The FFMpeg libraries are now used for OGG, FLAC, AAC, AC3,and DTS.

Skinning improvements

A variety of improvements have been backported from Kodi for the skin engine. This allows skins and features for Kodi to be more easily implemented. Thanks to the skin developers who requested changes/features and helped with testing. We currently ship with the same selection of skins as with v3.3 – Confluence Lite, Confluence, Project Mayhem III, and the PM3HD skin, but more can be found on the skin development section of our forum (such as the excellent Xbox Extended skin from Dom).

New branding

Thanks to SwedishGojira we now have our own project branding – our new XBMC4Xbox logo is used on our project site as well as for the XBMC4Xbox boot-up splash. Since the renaming of XBMC to Kodi, there has been some discussion regarding our name. I can confirm we are keeping the name XBMC4Xbox for our project. Changing it now would just introduce more confusion.

Transifex integration

Thanks to Kodi and their useful tools for handling translations, we are now using the on-line service Transifex to manage translations for the project. This means anyone who wants to help improve translations can now go and sign up over at and start translating the software to their favourite language via the easy to use web interface. The updated translations can then be merged back into the XBMC4Xbox code base by us.

Bug fixes

There have been many bug fixes around the software with around 44 issues on the bugtracker resolved/fixed as well as more reported via the forum. Thanks to all those that have reported bugs, provided fixes & patches, and helped with testing.

Evolutions / Corrections 3.5 RC2 :

  • Fix for the RTMP streaming issue.
  • Updates to PolarSSL, librtmp and libcurl as well as the Curl VFS.
  • Update FFmpeg Libraries to 1.2.8.
  • Update translations from Transifex.
  • Added missing hard disk / DVD information on Confluence Lite system info page.
  • New splash screen / branding.

Evolutions / Corrections 3.5 RC1 :

  • Removal of all the defunct and broken scrapers, fixing up some problems with the imdb/tmdb scrapers and adding a new default music scraper that uses the API.
  • FFMpeg/DVDPlayer updates from XBMC.
  • Updated Python to 2.7.8 and added some missing Python API functions from XBMC.
  • Fix for browsing library when network is not connected.
  • Improvements/fixes from XBMC for ID3/Tag parsing, CD Ripping, and Playlists.
  • Updates to the included Addons4Xbox installer.

Evolutions / Corrections 3.5 Beta 4 :

  • Fixed string encoding issue on system information screen.
  • Fixed some cases where XBMC addons would fail due to our strict type checking – now automatically convert parameters for listitem’s to the correct type where possible.
  • Additional Python API infolabels / infotags.

Evolutions / Corrections 3.5 Beta 3 :

  • Python 2.7.6 with some stability improvements.
  • Much improved Addons4Xbox installer, with better dependency handling, meaning many addons designed for XBMC can now be installed and work out of the box. It should also run somewhat faster due to less logging, and the better use of local caching.
  • FFmpeg Libraries updated to 1.2.5
  • Added support for .po files for language strings and updated translations using Transifex and XBMC‘s excellent toolset for handling them. Users can now join in and help translate the project into their favourite languages. More details below.
  • PAPlayer codec improvements
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

Evolutions / Corrections 3.5 Beta 2 :

  • Fix for custom movie set fan-art being displayed on all sets.
  • Issue with weather showing “busy” under certain situations.
  • Improved RTMP stream pause functionality.
  • Fixed duplicate sources on Filemanager.

Evolutions / Corrections 3.5 Beta 1 :

  • Python 2.7.5 – includes working libraries for sqlite3, and fully working ssl. This brings far better compatibility with upstream XBMC plugins, and logging in on YouTube etc works, which it never did on the previous Python 2.4. This took many hours of work to do including building working python libraries compatible with the XBMC4Xbox architecture. Bugs may remain, but I hope it will be an improvement for most people.
  • DVDPlayer has been updated to the FFMPEG 1.2 libraries which brings improved codec support, and new features. We still include two sets of FFMPEG libraries, one for the most common formats, and another which has everything. Webm and XMV support is now added to the smaller library set, but please do report any issues/questions on the forum.
  • Skin changes from XBMC to make backporting of xbmc skins easier.
  • Many bug fixes and other improvements – you can always check on development activity via the Redmine activity page.

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