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E3 ODE, the Optical Drive Emulator made by E3TEAM, will be on the market at the beginning of next month.
It will support all PS3 models including the 3k and 4k consoles.

Please note:

1: The beta hardware shown in the video is based on PC, so the data translation speed is slow, about 100K/S.
2: The official retail version will be a small board, and can run games
direct from USB stick and the speed is similar to your original blu-ray
optical drive.
3: It will for sure work independently with NO need of a PC.
4: E3 ODE works on any OFW on all PS3, include 3k and 4k console.
5: We will also release an special E3 ODE CFW for E3 ODE, so homebrew can run on it directly (include 3k and 4k).
6: E3TEAM always tries do its best for our users, later on we will go
public with our final specical price, we are sure the retail price will
be lower than USD70.
7: We will release more details and videos later.

Here is video to demonstrate our beta hardware running on a 4K console:

Intéressant le prix , moins de 70 $ !! ça fera facilement les 55 euros ce qui tolérable !! :ok: faut aussi voir ce que ça donne cette histoire de CFW ODE E3 !! est juste la possibilité d'émuler des hombrews au format iso ou carrément un réel CFW sécurisé pour ne fonctionner qu'avec l'E3 ODE !!

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