Ps Vita Tools 1.06 & Vita Keys Released


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I have updated my VitaTools to 1.06. I have added ungpkg to unpack the game package files for vita (it needs the vitakeys). ungpkg is based on the same version from the ps3tools. I have added a few things to allow people to use the beta (psp) key and the retail one. I have added a new repository that will be filled with the keys. Have fun!

Changelog: Vita Tools v1.06

  • Added ungpkg to allow to unpack game packages.
  • Fixed tools.c to allow to search ps vita keys in the right folder.
  • Removed pkg_reader. useless

About: Vita Keys

  • These files contain the keys necessary for encrypting/decrypting/signing files for the PS Vita.
  • They are compatible with deroad's vitatools.
  • Copy these files to your ~/.vita/ or %userprofile%\vitakeys directory.
  • Initial files were created by Deroad.

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