Self/sprx Decrypter Sources – V0.6 Beta


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12/04/10 – V0.5B – Initial BETA Release

- Decrypting internal PS3′s SELF/SPRX files

[bETA - The decrypter hangs on some files]

12/12/10 – V0.6B – Second BETA Release

- More stability (no hangs anymore)

- Much more files can now be decrypted

GameOS utilizes files to make the console work (I won’t give details)

These files (SELF = EXE, SPRX = DLL) are stored in /dev_flash

This tool enables to decrypt these SELF/SPRX files

Such a decrypter will only help people who know what they do 44_icon_e_wink.gif

The application is not yet capable to decrypt all files (coming soon !)

Some devs asked for the sources. I decided to release them.

This tool may help to decrypt system files on DEX consoles 44_icon_e_wink.gif

Greetings fly out to (no order):

- Rupan (nice works dude !)

- CrashSerial

- Defyboy

- Kakaroto


- eussNL

- Mas

- Naehrwert

- rms

- The others I’ve forgotten…


.oO Heden / DeLiGhT’2012 Oo.

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