Un Espoir, Ou Un Autre Faux Espoir !


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L'histoire parait très sérieuse !! on dirait que la scène a enfin trouvé la clé privée "3.56" !!!

Zadow28 et realPsDev ont trouvé la même clé !! correspondance ?!


got this info in a PM

the *.a files from the sdk is actuelly elf files packed.

you can rename all *.a files from the sdk to elf, and then run readelf on them.

you would see where all the elf files write.

have been looking at the libsecure and found out where all the crypto is reading/writing.

these are the elf that sony uses to encrypt/decrypt all there elf/bin/sprx

if you look at the libsecure there are 2 kind of *.a file normal and _d in the ending

i thing one encrypt one decrypt.

So i tryed it and it worked

from libsecure

Code (voir sur le site source)

eussNL got this thred right thats why he found an extracter for *.a files thx euss

so the libsecure.A have as many as 6 elf inside that where the good stuff is.

by the way also got his from (he knows himself)

havent check that yet but you could

the *.a files turned out legit

Code: my first attempt at trying to decrypt the lv0 with a something so simple I knew it wouldn't work. But however here is the output I recieved metadataInfo: unknown00: C8 DB 12 00 03 00 00 00 34 93 8A BF 44 08 DD 00 80 7F 15 00 04 93 8A BF 18 BD 25 00 00 00 00 00 key: A7 0B 81 5A 47 AC 66 F9 7A A6 CA E7 80 5B 22 19 B3 C7 08 5E 2A F5 8C A7 23 78 1A 0D D0 F5 84 11 ivec: 5B E0 07 73 26 5E FD 18 FE AF A4 DA 88 2B F0 DF BC EA 0C 00 A2 32 AE 5B EE 6B EE BF 8E 69 BF B9

if you looked closely at the pasties you would find the TOC and OPD where it is writen



the last pastie is the guard for the cell

i figured that out after the info.


the one for the cell is spu based and the one from libsecure is ppc based

here is one more thing i found out sometime ago


load ida pro then load any self/bin then file---->load---->pdb file then getheader.pdb

then the header would turn up in any encrypted files.

both spu and ppc you can see for try


There are some problems with so much CODE in thread.

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