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Voici la dernière version du célèbre Showtime.

v3.3.401 (Jan 21, 2012):

Les changements en 2012:

v3.3.401 (Jan 21, 2012):


Include Showtime's spotify appkey in the build

Update Swedish translation

Make it possible to configure if Showtime is to include all .srt files from a directory

httpapi: Some commented out helpers for memory fragmentation diag.

ps3: Don't play h264 constrained baseline using the cell accelerated decoder (it does not work)

Add some more blacklisted file-endings (.exe and .tmp)

v3.3.390 (Jan 20, 2012):


Merge pull request #60 from Daisho/master

Update Danish translation

Update from sept 2011 to 3.4RC

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

ps3: Fix more picture order problems

v3.3.384 (Jan 13, 2012):


Fix bug causing screen saver to show a little too much stuff at once

ps3: Fix regression from last commit (seek caused picture order problems)

Update trad. chinese translation

ps3: Various fixes for problems with cell accelerated h264 playback

ps3: Fix mono float (ac3, etc) audio output

v3.3.379 (Jan 11, 2012):


Minor fixes

Add support for plural forms in i18n code

Update Polish translation

glw: Make sure the UI respects orientation of images also when doing alpha shaded borders

glw: More clist wip

Don't try to write to blobcache if file load fails

Initial clist

Make it possible to turn off the multilingual 'No media loaded'

Mac: Map F4 -> Enable screen saver

theme: Make the 'No media loaded' screen a bit funkier

Use av_malloc() where we should

Add support for imageset: URIs

glw: Fix bug causing reload of images due to rescaling requirement to sometimes fail

v3.3.366 (Jan 04, 2012):


Autobuild fixes for ps3

Updates for autobuild system

glw: glt_url is always set, don't worry about anything else

glw: Fix linked list corruption causing UI freeze

Fix the broken 1088 -> 1080 fix

Drop stray printf

Fix bug causing incorrect rendering of text in GLW UI

Add support for UTF-16 SRT

Only consider SRT subs if rest of filename matches with movie filename.

VDPAU: Use shaders for scaling instead of the VDPAU mixer

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