Cobra Usb: Update 4.3 Et Multiman-cm 03.01.00


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De plus en plus performant, de plus en plus parfait, telle est la monnaie de la team Cobra avec son dongle PS3 Cobra USB.

La team nous a livré ce matin un nouvel update v4.3 pour son dongle USB, ce dernier améliore sensiblement la compatibilité avec les jeux PS3, désormais Cobra USB en firmware 4.3 est la première solution JealBreak capable de lire les fameux "Black Screen Game" sur le disque dur interne de la console. En plus, pas besoin de combinaison de touche ou option particulière pour lancer cette gamme de backups PS3 qu'est les BSG.

Avec ce nouveau firmware, on nous présente aussi une nouvelle version de MultiMAN edition Cobra Manager, ce dernier passe en version 03.01.00 et apporte pas mal de nouveautés, comme chef de fil on trouve l'amélioration du support des jeux PSP au format iso.



Firmware 4.3 du dongle:

* Increased the compatibility of games in JB directory format (fix for the so called black screen games, that were only working in iso format). In Cobra USB, you don't need to set any special option or key combination in multiman for these games to work, just start them normally. Unlike in regular CFW, in Cobra USB these games work also in internal hdd.

* At the request of customers, vsh.self of Cobra USB CFW can now be replaced by the ReactPSN one (only by the one of 3.55k folder) without loosing any Cobra functionality.

MultiMAN 03.01.00

  • Improved loading of PSP ISO files when no disc is inserted

  • Added option "Detect Game Title in ISO Images" to allow using ISO filenames and *not* scan for game names in local database

  • Improved scanning for retro roms/iso and covers (populating the Retro column)

  • Support for ICON0.PNG for PSP ISO in Retro column

  • Support for cover art for PS2 ISO/CUE+BIN in Retro column

  • Support for cover art for PSX CUE+BIN in Retro column and for PSX discs

  • New THEME format (.thm). One theme – one file. Easy installation within mmCM without going to XMB to install theme pkg files.

  • mmTM – Easy to use PC application to create thm files from folders (separate download).

  • mmCM will try to read disc volume labels and display in VIDEO column (BD/DVD entry) and in other display modes.
    • ISO images created from such discs (BD/DVD/AVCHD) will get the disc volume label as file name for the ISO.

    [*]Fixed extracting ICON0.PNG from PSP ISO images saved on external USB drives

    [*]Added indication (rotating refresh icon next to the column icon) when mmCM is loading/extracting title thumbnails (XMMB mode)

    [*]Added support for PSX/PS2/PSP covers when browsing drives/folders in Retro column

    [*]Added pop-up notifications when new versions of mmCM, CobraUSB firmware and Showtime are available for download

    [*]Added pop-up notification when running low on disc space (less than 1GB on internal HDD)

    [*]Added pop-up notification when mmCM successfully connects to nethost folders during startup (/net_host# in File Manager)

    [*]Added support for downloading themes in a background thread (pop-up messages will notify user when download starts and completes)

    [*]Added support for copying big (4+GB) files in File Manager to USB drives. mmCM will split source file when copying to USB.

    [*]Added "Copy" function to SIDE menu for BD/DVD/PS2/PSP/PS3 ISO images (supports joining and splitting depending on source and destination drives)

    [*]Changed option "Link Video Library to Showtime" – it will only create links for XMB Video files, but will not start Showtime

    [*]Added shortcuts to BDISO and DVDISO folders when browsing internal HDD in VIDEO column (shown as "Blu-ray Video (ISO)" and "DVD Video (ISO)"

    [*]Added support for Blu-ray and DVD covers when browsing drives/folders in VIDEO column (for BD/DVD ISO files)

    [*]Added shortcut (virtual folder) "XMB Video Files" when browsing HDD/USB drives in VIDEO column

    [*]Easier overall access to BD/DVD/PSX/PS2/PSP/PS3 ISO/BIN images/folders in XMMB and XBDM display modes (when browsing drives/folders)

    [*]Added "Showtime Font Preference" option to select 10 different fonts for SHOWTIME media player (GUI and Subtitles)

    [*]Added "Extract ISO" option in SIDE menu for PS3 ISO images (to convert ISO games to folder format)

Pack de jaquettes PSx/PS2 pour MultiMAN disponible sur ce lien:

  • A cover-pack, which includes 3407 PS1 and PS2 covers.

  • Most PS1 covers are for NTSC/US region, but it is a start.

  • All PSOne covers are 200x200 JPG and PS2 covers are usually 140x200.

  • To use the covers with mmCM, FTP or copy the .JPG files to /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/covers_retro/psx/.

  • Covers are named according to OPL name convention XXXX_999.88_COV.JPG.



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