Xbmc 2010-01-17 Svn Rev26941 T3ch


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T3CH publie une nouvelle version SVN du lecteur multimédia Xbox issue de la branche désormais stable BABYLON.

Voici le changelog de cette version :

2010-01-17 26941 [XBOX] changed: Only show log entry about "MSG_PEEK set" with LOGDEBUG

2010-01-17 26939 [XBOX] fixed: http/webdav username/password authentication was broken for our libcurl + synced FileCurl with Linuxport

2010-01-17 26930 [XBOX] reverted: Merge of the new libcurl from mainline/trunk (including Windows DLL). It doesn't work properly because of the SSL/secure stuff failing.

2010-01-16 26920 [XBOX] removed: Extra option which didn't do anything actually

2010-01-16 26912 fixed: Typo

2010-01-16 26911 [XBOX] fixed: webdav files/folders with spaces were broken as they were accidently URL-decoded

2010-01-16 26905 [XBOX] merged: mainline/trunk revisions 26696,26773,26778-26787,26795,26798,26804,26810,26812 26827-26828,26848,26856,26860,26873-26876,26892,26895-26897,26903

2010-01-16 26904 [XBOX] reverted: merge of mainline/trunk revision r26572 - changed: don't leave cachestate init before players have decoded and output first frame. It causes weird a/v desync behaviour at start on Xbox.

2010-01-13 26769 [XBOX] merged: mainline/trunk revisions 26549-26555,26560-26562,26571-26573,26587,26590,26597,26603,26614,26621,26623 26643,26648,26655,26656,26658,26659,26666,26671,26689,26695,26697,26698,26708 26714,26715,26718,26723,26727,26728,26731,26733,26740-26742,26745,26750,26751 26753,26759,26763

2010-01-09 26594 [XBOX] updated: libcurl DLL

2010-01-09 26593 [XBOX] changed: Allow user to disable fanart/thumb resizing (by setting to 0 in as.xml)

2010-01-09 26591 [XBOX] removed: Some obsolete code

2010-01-08 26547 [XBOX] fixed: Ticket #4856 - FanArt Image Cache Size option. One can now specify <fanartheight> in advancedsettings.xml to specify the height-value (default=480) fanart should be resized to (The width is automatically calculated as being 16/9 * heigth)

2010-01-08 26545 [XBOX] merged: mainline/trunk revisions 25940,25775,26207,26216,26217,26223,26273,26274,26276,26279,26280,26291 26293-26300,26329,26330,26331,26332,26340,26343,26344,26347,26362-26365 26367,26380,26392-26394,26419-26421,26426-26429,26444,26447,26455,26458 26465,26470,26472,26480,26481,26514-26516,26519,26521,26522,26531,26533

2010-01-07 26510 [XBOX] revert: Change in ffmpeg utils till we've sorted out why it crashes Xbox

2010-01-07 26503 [XBOX] fixed: Properly cast

2010-01-07 26490 [XBOX] added: new libdvd DLLs + removed win32 build script. Should fix ISO/FTP playback

2010-01-07 26488 [XBOX] added: mingw build environment 3.17 + liba52 + libmad + libdts + libdvdnav + libdvd + libfaad2 sources

2010-01-06 26464 [XBOX] changed: Properly implement GetCacheTotal() & GetCacheTime() and use them in DVDPlayer (thanks for the pointer Elupus!)

2010-01-06 26457 [XBOX] merged: mainline/trunk r26339 to XboxRenderer

2010-01-06 26456 [XBOX] fixed: Passt(h)rough

2010-01-04 26369 [XBOX] fixed: Renderer would sometimes screw up if resolution was changed + revert r26244 (hopefully really fixes it now)

download.gif XBMC 2010-01-17 SVN rev26941 T3CH

homesite.gif Site officiel : http://t3ch.yi.se


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