Exploit Sur 6.1 !


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Téléchargement : http://f6y.ath.cx/pspdev/mercury.zip

(désolé, je n'ai pas le temps de détailler)

Faille bouchée en 6.2 et comme il faut être en 6.2 pour avoir accès au PSN. :(

****** Credit for the exploit itself goes entirely to Team C&D. ******

Requires either the American or European version of Mercury. (Is there any other version?)

The exploit was patched in 6.20 (for both UMD and PSN), so there's really no reason to hide it anymore.

There are more exploits in hiding; I'm not going to say a word about those, so don't even bother asking. No amount of bugging me will get you any information.

Developers should be able to figure out the 'developer stuff' folder. Everyone else... don't bother with it.

Samples included:

* hello world - the one from the video.

* registry tool - tool for backing up or restoring your registry. Comes with PC tools for patching a modified registry. You can use this to change your X/O button settings, redirect the fonts to load from the memory stick or internal storage, etc.

* drive bruteforcer - attempt to find the names of devices on the Go through bruteforce attack. Just to save you some time, here are the ones I found:

disc0: = emulated UMD drive. in this exploit, it'll contain the contents of the Mercury UMD.




ef0: = System Storage drive.




eh0: = hidden System Storage partition. Used to store firmware updates, so far (ef0:/psp/game/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP).




fatms: = Memory Stick M2 drive.




flash0: = firmware.

flash1: = registry and various frequently-modified settings (custom theme, background, etc).

flash2: = activation data for PSN (flash2:/act.dat).

It likely shares all the devices with the old PSP except for irda and rda ( http://hitmen.c02.at/files/yapspd/psp_doc/...29.html#sec29.1 and http://hitmen.c02.at/files/yapspd/psp_doc/....html#sec29.1.2 ).

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