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  1. Eh oui...c'est vrai ce que vous lisez dans le titre ! Le premier dongle next gen de la scène hack PS3 est désormais hacké actuellement par le fameux oct0xor vient de révéler dans un petit article sur son blog les premiers résultats de son travail quant au reverse-engeneering du dongle Cobra ! Il a pu après 4 jours décrypter le payload et en-faire un qui s'installe sur les différents CFW afin de profiter des fonctionnalités de ce dongle gratuitement ! Dans une vidéo qui accompagne le sujet, il nous montre le lancement du payload avec une sorte de laoder spécifique ainsi que le boot d'un jeu PSX depuis le menu XMB. OpenCobra arriverait bientôt !! Wait & see. Citation: First I am going to say that this is not going to be an article, just a first blog post and some info about my recent project. Finally I got my hands on cobra it was quite a lot of time since I touched this last time. There was s good things happened since then eg. I reverse engineered usercheat and true blue, had done alot ps3 and not ps3 related hacking. There was a bad things eg. BlueDiskCFW, lv0 leak, alot of devs leave the scene... Cobra was for me really "the last" thing I have to do. The last time when I worked on this I didnt had a dongle, and all what I had was a dump by JaiCraB. I reverse engineered it as much as possible, figure out almost all tricks, encrypton and etc. And figuare out that it reads alot of data from dongle, and I cant do much without dongle itself. Thats why I put this project to the back burner. Well... I had never buyed anyone dongle, and I never was not going to. All my dongles was donated ( thanks again ) but not that time. it was hard for me to make this decision but a few days ago cobra finally shipped to me... 3 days and now its all over. Security is good enough, but not without big security risks. But it still the best crypto/obfuscation what I had seen on ps3. Sony have something to learn from this guys, especially now. Cobra / True Blue almost identical, have the same source code, if you ever hacked 1 thing, 2nd wouldnt be a problem. The main functionality, honestly, not changed since original jb. Thats a shame. Thats why I cracking them like nuts On the fourth day I taked a decision to make my own "OpenCobra" payload. only clean code without drm and garbage, to be able to port it to any new firmware, and change/add features. It taked 2 days, 3000 lines of asm, and you had seen the result. Atm it based on 4.1 payload, plans for future is check/add new features from 4.4/5.0. Port to a new firmware (if cobra will not do this for me), and realize all nice innovations from new version of psp emu, such as better emu accuracy, 3D and etc... In video you had seen Payload Loader. Thats the all code it has: Vidéo: Page officielle: