Install Simple De Debian:graveur Utilisable?


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Bonjour,merci de votre aide et votre patience avant tout,ma question est simple mais seuls des utilisateurs pourront me confirmer cela:

J'ai envie d'installer linux sur ma xbox afin d'éventuellement pouvoir graver les fichiers contenus sur mon DD(et accessoirement utiliser une clé usb mais on verra ça plus tard).

La question d'abord: est-ce possible? pourrai-je installer un graveur dvd et l'utiliser via linux? (la question inclut les sous-questions: linux sur Xbox est-il 100% fonctionnel,et permet-il l'install d'un soft de gravure gérant le burn de cdr et dvdr?)

Si oui,quel est le nom du soft (linux) à installer?

Si jusque là il n'y a pas de hic, n'étant pas un utilisateur linux de base,est-ce que la procédure que je suivrais si je recevais le feu vert dans ce topic,est correcte?

Je compte suivre ce tuto là (source Xbox-scene) que j'ai séparé en 2 parties:


Install Ed's Debian 0.3.1 And Kde 3.1, Tips and tricks and such..What you need:1. Modded Xbox2. Some media readable by your Xbox3. EvolutionX installed with access via FTP from your computer4. USB Keyboard and mouse with a connection to your Xbox (Note that Debian can emulate the Xbox Controller as a mouse and there is an onscreen keyboard in the Debian GUI, but you’ll need at least a keyboard if you want KDE)Get “Ed’s Debian 0.3.1” (found at under “downloads”). The filename is “dist-0.3.1.tar.bz2”. Open this file with “Winrar” (, and extract to a folder called C:\Debian (or anything you’ll remember).Go to C:\Debian and Extract “Boot_fatx_vesa.iso” (with Winrar) to C:\Linux, open "linuxboot.cfg" in wordpad, replace 800x600 (in the last line) with 640x480*. NOTE: you only want to extract this ISO file, not any archives within it.* Apparently it doesn’t matter what you do with this line, as long as it’s not “800x600”, delete the line if you want to.Move the C:\Linux directory (on your PC) over to your Xbox (with Evox installed), I moved it over to F:\Linux. Make a Link in Evox.ini to F:\Linux\default.xbe.Burn 0.3.1.iso (from C:\Debian) to any media your Xbox can read (I used a DVD+RW), once the burn finishes, boot it up in your Xbox (if it won’t boot, flash your BIOS to either X2 4976.02 or Evox D.6, If you get a dirty disc error, refer to HSDEMONZ Ultimate Xbox Burning Tutorial).NOTE: Do NOT make this ISO file into a GDF image or xISO image, burn it AS IT IS!Once it boots up, you’ll have a login screen (GUI), type in “root” for the username, and “xbox” for the password. It’ll log in to what looks like Windows 3.1 (this is the Debian GUI, not much to look at).Right-click on the desktop (or press “B” on your controller) and go to “Apps”, then “Shell”, then open “Bash”.Type in: “XBOXLinuxInstall” (everything is cAsE SenSiTive in linux).Select the first option that pops up (install on game partition), this will install two files onto your E drive, and you'll keep your F drive and save games .Answer yes to all questions and after a while, you’ll get a pop-up box that asks you for an IP address, I recommend using the exact same settings as your working Evox network settings. Once you get a message like “Happy Penguin”, the install’s done.Type "Reboot", remove the DVD AFTER Linux finishes rebooting and before you get to Evox (The “X” screen is a good place).


NOW, if you can already access Xbox Live or anything on the internet with your Xbox, you don’t really need to do any more network settings. BUT, to use two NICs and a crossover, you’ll need to enable ICS on the NIC connected to your modem.Boot Linux through the Evox link you made, log in, right click, apps/shell/bash.Type "apt-get update"... wait..If you get a bunch of "localhost" errors, then your internet's not setup right:Type in "cd /etc/network/" then "nano interfaces" (nano is a text editor and interfaces in your networkcfg file). Edit whatever you need (if you're on a router, change "static" to "dhcp"). And save it (CTRL-O to save and CTRL-X to close).Now type "ifdown eth0", then "ifup eth0", that restarts your network.Test your connection by typing "ping -c 4", if you get "Unknown Host" or the like, then try messing around a bit more in the interfaces file and on your PC (if using ICS) or on your Router control panel.Repeat from "apt-get update".Type "apt-get install kdebase".. wait and answer yes to all questions (this takes a long time), once you’re back at the prompt, proceed.Type "apt-get install kdebase" *AGAIN*.. wait and answer questions (installs the few packages that the first install missed).Type "apt-get install kdm".. Answer yes to any questions.. make KDM your default videoloader (it'll ask you at the beginning and the end, select kdm both times, it is on the bottom first and on the top second I believe)Type “reboot”, load linux, select "KDE3" as your "Session type", and login..Configure KDE (you can’t see the “Next” button, so press enter for the next screen), it'll load and you're done!If you want to use the onscreen keyboard in KDE, you'll need to login to your xbox (with linux booted) like this:If you have a favorite SSH App, then you can use that, I am going to detail how to do this PuttY:Download putty.exe ( and open it up, select "SSH" as the protocol and type in as the "Host Name". Press "Open" and login with username "root" and password "xbox".Type "cd /etc/kde3/kdm/", type "nano Xsetup"Paste this before the last line "/usr/bin/X11/xvkbd -geometry 480x130 &"Now save the file (CTRL-O to save and CTRL-X to close).Now, you need to make a new user before you start messing around (DON’T SURF THE WEB AS ROOT!):Open up Bash or Konsole, or any console program, and type “adduser <username>” don’t type in the “<>’s”. It’ll ask some questions. Now logout, and login as whatever user you just made.If you can’t find Bash, click Start(“K”) then “Run” then type Bash.Konquerer is the Web browser for KDE, you can now install whatever you want (Wine, gnome, whatever), But don’t ask me, I don’t know anything about linux …

Je l'ai coupé en 2 pour vous demander si la partie 2 pouvait être zappée? (pour l'utilisation que je compte en faire)

Et dernière question: un graveur dvd sera-t-il reconnu sous linux en tant que tel? Risques de bugs?

Encore merci à ceux qui me renseigneront.

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