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Le eCFW de Total_Noob se met à jour en version 8 avec comme principale nouveauté un service FTP depuis le XMB.


Nouveautés/corrections :

- Ajout du Driver Inferno de Coldbird

- Ajout du FTP in-XMB

- Correction d'un bug avec le NoDRM en Firmware inférieur au 1.80

- Correction d'un bug, PSPFiler fonctionnait en permanence

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Total_Noob quitterait la scène Vita, et l'exploit serait toujours disponible....

Total_Noob Has Left The PSP/Vita Hacking Scene

A very well respected dev in the PSP/PS Vita scene has decided that it is time to leave.

As you probably know, TN-V8 was Total_Noob’s final public update. What you probably didn’t know, is that it is his goodbye gift to the scene.
Life has caught up to Total_Noob, and when push comes to shove, there are some tough decisions you have to make. Reasons why, will remain undisclosed, but Total_Noob is not quitting, he is doing what is best.

Total_Noob was an appreciable dev, so I thought that it would be fit to have a bit of a timeline of his TN-V achievements (I could not include everything, as it would be to long, but if you want to see more Total_Noob work, check out his blog here).

(Note from Wololo: it is worth mentioning that Total_Noob was active on the PSP scene way before his work on TN-V for the Vita. He actually released the first kernel exploit ever on the psp go, back in 2010. Talking “only” about his recent work on TN-V with the vita is not necessarily doing full justice to his entire work, but it is probably what people think of the most when they think about his work today. For some juicy slices of history, you can check all our TN related articles in our archives)

Total_noob TN-V career sum-up :

  • Total_Noob first announces 6.60 TN-V - Total_Noob first reported that he was working on TN-V. he included a Youtube video for POC and feature examplementation (yes, I did just make that word up).
  • Total_Noob releases TN-V - This was a day that many of you looked forward to.
  • TN-V2 released – This release much improved the recovery menu, and made it possible to launch backups located in the savedata folder.
  • TN-V3 released – Update allowed users to play the exploited game.
  • The release of TN-V4 – This version brought a lot of new updates, including fixing all bugs made in TN-V3!
  • Total_Noob releases TN-V5 - This update brought one of my favorite features, the Plugin Installer.
  • TN-V6 released – TN-V5 brought a plugin installer, but what’s the point of an installer if you don’t have a remover! This version included a plugin remover.
  • TN-V7/7.1/7.2/7.3 – All three of these versions came out fairly close to each other. with this update, came a ‘Restore QSP folder’ option, for that darn QSP FTP bug.
  • TN Savestate plugin – A great plugin, developed by Total_Noob, that allows you to save your game anywhere in any game.
  • TN-V8 – This was Total_Noob’s final contribution to the scene.

PSN Maintenance over & Exploit game still available ! – Get it while you can !

Todays Playstation Store maintenance, which lasted approx. 5 hours, is done. To our surprise is the exploit title Persona 2: Innocent Sins still available at the PSN Store (In europe at least).

Since they could remove the game any second now, I thought that we inform you once again to get this game as soon as possible, if you are interested in exploiting the PS Vita firmware 3.01 (or earlier)!

This exploit will, most likely, not work at any newer PS Vita firmware, and the TN kernel mode exploit will also be patched in future firmwares. This is your last chance to get hands on the TN-V eCFW for the PS Vita for the most recent firmware available, firmware 3.01.

We can pretty much say, that the next few firmware won’t get new kernel mode releases, and that future exploit releases will only support the VHBL, if anything at all.

Currently firmware 3.01 is the latest firmware that supports the usage of an eCFW, like Total_Noobs TN-V eCFW, and Persona 2: Innocent Sins is the last chance to get access to an eCFW for your PS Vita.

There won’t be any other exploit game release for firmware 3.01, there were already too many.

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Total_Noob is looking for Beta Testers for TN-V9

Total_Noob is back to the scene, and he is bringing lots of good news with him. We’ve mentioned he is working on a plugin that will finally enable sound on PS1 games within his Vita’s popular eCFW: TNV.

But Total_Noob doesn’t stop at only solving the scene’s biggest pain point for the past 2 years. No, he’s also bringing a new version of TN-V to the masses. But he needs your help, to test for compatibility. Now, don’t get overly excited, the beta test is not a “real” beta test, but just a compatibility test: Total_Noob needs people on all sorts of firmwares to test a specially crafted file that he made, to see if his ongoing project will work on all exploits, past and present.

As of now, his test has been run on several firmwares already, but TN is still looking for testers who own the following firmwares: 1.65, 1.66, 1.67, 1.69, 2.05, and 2.06.

If you can help, please head over to the TN-V9 thread on /talk.

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Release: Total Noob’s TN-V9 eCFW

We told you that it was coming, and now it is here! TN-V9 has been released.

A reminder, TN-V is an eCFW option for PS Vita users who would like to be able to run homebrews and PSP ISO/CSO on their PS Vita. TN-V is currently supported on firmwares 3.01 and below. Other eCFW options, such as ARK are out there, but ARK is not supported on firmwares above 2.02 (as of yet :) ). To be able to run TN-V, you need to have one of the many exploited PSP exploit games listed below.

This new version of Total-Noob’s eCFW adds, fixes, and removes a few features to the PS Vita PSP emulation arsenal. Let’s check them out:

Added: 12MB of additional memory unlocked for all firmwares for use internally

Added: PS1 sound emulation via Pete’s PEOPS SPU plugin

Added: Configuration option for the PEOPS plugin, accessible through the recovery menu

Added: Ability to view Vita firmware in “System Information”

Added & Fixed: A few internal things

Removed: The in-XMB FTP feature was removed because of bugginess i.e. messing up internet radio compatibility. A better FTP option will be added in a later eCFW revision.

There are some PS1 games tested on TN-V for sound. Some work fine, others have choppy sound, white noise, or lock-ups. Our community is maintaining a PS1 sound compatibility list here. You can also check an alternate list on hackinformer.


If you like Total_Noob’s work, please consider sending him a donation through the following link: Donate to Total_Noob (paypal)


You can either update via the TN-V XMB or get the files below.

Download TN-V9 here.

That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. Go get yourself some great TN-V! Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter where you can enter my monthly PSN code giveaways. I would recommend following Wololo too, he is much more important than I am :). Use the links below.

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Source: Total_Noob on /talk

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