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Le eCFW de Total_Noob est sorti en version 4 il y a quelque jours, mais il se met déjà à jour.

Nouveautés/corrections :

TN-V 7.1
- Possibilité de cacher les DLC dans la colonne [Game]
- Correction de black-screen avec certains DLC
- Amélioration de la compatibilité avec les DLC
- Suppression de "Use VSH Menu" du menu Recovery

TN-V 7
- Ajout d'un moteur NoDRM, pour la lecture des DLC et plus. Le patch anglais pour Valkyria Chronicles 3 fonctionne maintenant
- Ajout du "PLUGINS MANAGER" dans le menu VSH
- Ajout du "Restore ‘QSP’ folder" dans le menu Recovery
- Support des homebrews sans DISC_ID dans leur PARAM.SFO
- Ajout d'un test pour savoir si les fichiers sont installés, si non, le menu Recovery démarrera automatiquement
- Correction d'une erreur sur les ELF statiques
- Correction d'une erreur avec les homebrews 1.50 qui n’était pas masqués
- Augmentation de la limite de 32 à 128 jeux ISO
- Amélioration de la stabilité système
- Suppression de "Allow anti-CFW games" dans le menu Recovery puisqu'il était seulement nécessaire pour le jeu "DJ MAX Portable 3"
- La mise à jour ne supprime plus les réglages maintenant

TN-V 6
- Ajout de "Plugins remover" dans le menu "Recovery" (supprime seulement les lignes dans "vsh.txt", "game.txt" et "pops.txt")
- Correction de l'erreur "blue screen of death" et du "setup reset"
- Correction du "sleep-timer" dans le lecteur de musique, encore
- Correction pour "Tekken 6" et probablement d'autres jeux
- Suppression de "Use TN network update" dans le menu "Recovery", cette option est maintenant tout le temps activée

TN-V 5
- Ajout de "Plugins installer" dans le menu "Recovery", (Plugins -> Plugins installer ->)
- Ajout d'une option pour cacher les icônes qui ne fonctionnent pas sur le XMB (ces icônes seront cachées Character Set,
UMD Auto-Start, USB Auto Connect, Format Memory Stick, Power Save Settings, Network Settings et Remote Play)
- Ajout d'une option pour cacher la barre du volume dans le menu Home
- Correction d'une erreur qui montrait certains ISO comme corrompus
- Correction des plantage des plugins
- Correction des options de lancement automatique (correction de son nom dans le menu "Recovery")
- Correction du "sleep-timer" dans le lecteur de musique
- Amélioration des options "Install Addon", les homebrews Kxploit'ed alias Homebrews 1.50 fonctionnent maintenant
- Les archives qui ne contiennent pas de "EBOOT.PBP" n'ont plus d’icônes corrompus
- Amélioration de la stabilité système
- Renommage de "Hide CFW folders" en "Allow anti-CFW games". Les utilisateurs de DJMAX devraient activer ceci

download.gif TN-V 7.1

homesite.gif Site officiel : wololo.net

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Unstoppable: Total_Noob releases 7th version of his TN-V eCFW!

After the promised TN-V4 kernel mode release, Total_Noob brought us even more revisions of his PS Vita eCFW, which now reached the status of TN-V7.

In TN-V7 he fixed various bugs and added another few awesome features, that every user of TN-V should really appreciate.

The changelog of the TN-V7 eCFW

* Added NoDRM engine. This allows you to play DLC’s and more. Valkyria Chronicles 3 E2 English Patch is now also supported.
(thanks to hrimfaxi for the idea (this one is written by me)).

* Added ‘PLUGINS MANAGER’ to VSH Menu. Now you can manage your plugins directly from VSH.

* Added ‘Restore ‘QSP’ folder’ to recovery menu (Advanced ->).

* Added support for homebrews without DISC_ID in their PARAM.SFO. This fixes for example the RIN GB/GBC emulator.

* Added check whether you have installed 6.60 files yet. If not, the recovery menu will boot automatically.

* Fixed loading of static ELF. Another factor that makes the RIN GB/GBC emulator and more homebrews working.

* Fixed bug where kxploit’ed/1.50 homebrews were not hidden when ‘Hide exploit game’ was enabled.

* Increased ISO limit from 32 to 128 games.

* Improved system stability. The ‘QSP’ bug shouldn’t appear anymore.

* Removed ‘Allow anti-CFW games’ from recovery menu, because it is only used for ‘DJ MAX Portable 3′. However, this game works now flawlessly without this option.

* The updater does not reset TN-V configurations anymore.

Total_Noob once again delivered a giant new changelog, with a lot of necessary fixes, some new features and even more improvements for his PS Vita TN-V eCFW.

What is your new favorite feature of TN-V7? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.
TN-V7 is now officially supported by every (PS Vita) Exploit game

TN wasn’t the only one who was working on some code. Thanks to various people (qwikrazor, KanadeEngel and others) there are now available files for every released PS Vita exploit game.

Everyone who owns a working VHBL or eCFW at their PS Vita is now able to run TN-V7, if they are using the provided exploit savedata files.

The only game that got no files for any of the various TN-V eCFW revisions is the first PS Vita exploit game, Everybody’s Tennis. We think that no one uses the exploit anymore, and that’s the reason that no one bothered to create files for it.

Every other exploit game has its files and is ready to go for using TN-V. Here’s once again the list of every released PS Vita exploit game so far, and if you need the advice, then refer to this YouTube Playlist, which shows for every exploit game how to launch it properly.

Just download the new V7 revision via the System Update function of the XMB, or grab it from the various download sources below.


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