Sony Annonce La Mise À Jour Vita 3.01


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Une mise à jour du logiciel système PlayStation Vita est disponible depuis le 5 décembre 2013.


Principales fonctionnalités de la mise à jour du logiciel système, version 3.01 :

- La stabilité du logiciel système lors de l'utilisation de certaines fonctionnalités a été améliorée.

Du coté de la scène hack, wololo nous annonce que quelque exploits User ont été patchés, mais que l'exploit Kernel pour le TN-V4 en approche est toujours fonctionnel.

Merci à ALI pour l'information.

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Le jeu exploitable pour TN-V4 est encore disponible pour celles/ceux qui sont intéressés.

Moi je passe mon chemin, j'utilise le PSN et je compte encore l'utiliser et j'ai espoir de voire Crisis Core débarquer un jour :)

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PSN maintenance for Monday – A new PS Vita firmware incoming?

A few hours ago, Sony told the world that they plan to do some maintenance work at their PSN. They plan to do said work on Monday the 10th March 2014, from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm (CET).

Most services won’t be available, like the PSN Store itself, the account settings, account creation, PS Home and various others. Various PSN-dependent apps like Maxdome, Facebook (PS Vita) and others should be usable, according to Sonys support team.

But a way more interesting thing to think about is, will Sony publish a new PS Vita firmware? A firmware that (finally) fixes the kernel exploit and the TN-V eCFW? We don’t know, and we should be glad that we were able to use firmware 3.00/3.01 for such a long time.

If we look back 3 months, we will see that the firmwares 3.00 and 3.01 were released in late november / early december and that since said days no never PS Vita firmware had been available. This enabled us to release a bunch of exploit games for said firmwares, which enabled you, the user, to use Total_Noobs PS Vita eCFW at your very own PS Vita.

But we all know that this can and will end sooner or later. Sony will publish a new firmware, and said firmware will fix the kernel mode exploit used for firmware 3.01 and block access to the TN-V eCFW.

We will have, once again, a barrier, which seperates the exploitable firmwares from using an eCFW or using just the Vita Half Byte Loader (due to a missing kernel exploit).

The PSN maintenance will, most likely, also remove the currently still available exploit game, Person 2: Innocent Sins, from the PSN Store, which is our latest PS Vita exploit game, even though its release was not planned at all (therefore the lack of a ninja release).

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