Xell Reloaded V0.993 Avec Support Des Corona Slim !

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Well, this is time as say some one !! :ok:

Sans introduction, le fameux XeLL Reloaded aka "Xenon Linux Loader" vient de se mettre à jour en v0.993 avec pas mal de nouveautés et de corrections de bugs avec la grande surprise de supporter l'affichage vidéo sur les cartes mères corona slim !!! Joli travail réalisé par les gars de la team LibXenon !!


En voici les principales nouveautés:

  • Video support for corona consoles (NOTE: NTSC consoles may have video issues on some video modes)
  • Support for all 3 USB busses (you can now use more then one usb drive in XeLL)
  • Support for finding one additional
    USB drive during the file loop (no need to reboot the console if you
    forgot to put in your USB!)
  • New web interface functions (shutdown and reboot your console, and get a boot log)
  • Better support for big USB drives (or poorly formatted USB drives)
  • Image checking in Rawflash (make sure the image you are trying to write is for this console type)
  • eMMC read support (NOTE: This doesn’t work when launched from XellLaunch)

En voici le changelog complet:

v0.993 – 28/08/2013
Disabled USB writes for the logfile (not working with EXT# anyways
Fixed the crashing when unplugging USB memories at runtime

v0.992 – 27/08/2013 * Released by a trigger happy Tuxuser *
! Corona video support !
* NTSC gives weird black/white screen
eMMC Reading support for Corona consoles (no flashing!)
* Not working when launched via XellLaunch
Rawflash verify features
Cygnos/DemoN builds included – 38400 UART baudrate
Logfile writing to USB or HTTP Webinterface
Dumps ANA-Registers to UART / Logfile
« Shutdown » and « Reboot » via HTTP Webinterface
Option to disable Network via xell config
Support for all 3 USB busses
* Crashing when USB is plugged out or attached at runtime
Switched from zlib to puff (smaller)
Support for mounting 1 USB memory device at runtime
Better support for big USB devices (or poorly formatted ones)


Site officiel et lien de téléchargement dedans:

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Merci à toi, je déplace en section news, tant qu'on a pas résolu notre problème avec newserateur.

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Merci pour la news, c'est du tout bon.

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