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Cela viens de fsd , pas besoin de mettre a jour son kermell .Le soucis et connus .

Tekalix avec ou sans la dernières mise a jour le soucis et encoe d actu donc tant que fsd ne feras pas le necessaire et bien les bugs seront toujours presents .

+ 1 ludo a tout a fait raison , j'ai mis a jour en dernier kernel 16202 et ca ne change rien , il faut attendre une mise a jour plus evoluée de fsd3 et link car c'est encore trés jeune

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je vois pas trop ou j'ai mis a sores47 qu'il fallait mettre a jour :marteau:

enfin bref no stress :whistling:

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A mandatory update for F3 including LiNK and WebUI will be available on F3 auto-updater for authenticated users.
Make sure you have your xbox authenticated with and have beta updates enabled in the settings panel.
Auto-update for other users and a full release package to update offline will be available later this week.

A few important changes:

  • Plugin now runs on Retail or Devkit (and RGLoader) Consoles.
  • This update is MANDATORY. The LiNK website( will be upgraded and the current plugin will no longer work.
  • Be sure to cold boot (power off then on) the console after update completes in order to load newest plugin

Below is the changelog.

******** F3.0.483 *********
(Redesigned) Web site for a faster cleaner user experience
(Fixed) TitleId and TUVER overrides
(Added) WebUI created hotkey 's' to take a screencapture from anywhere in the page
(Added) WebUI CPU key and DVD key 'not available' when empty
(Added) WebUI loader for screencapture
(Removed) Leader Sorting from Userlist
(Enabled) HttpDaemon security
(Fixed) CPU and DVD Key
(Removed) Kai from HTTP
(Added) Custom XGUntileSurface Function
(Moved) JSON templates to external files
(Fixed) DL Settings can be change in the hud
(Fixed) User list and lobby list pending scn to only use loading spinner
(Added) Internal MU mount point for slims to plugin ui
(Added) Dashlaunch options to Hud Setting Scn
(Added) Dashlaunch resolve function for getting and setting values
(Added) TU to game Info
(Added) Devlink and pingpatch check
(Added) Dynamic Legend Updating System for Syslink HudScene
(Revamed) HttpDownloadTask to have better error handling
(Changed) Plugin to work on both devkit and retail consoles dynamically
(Added) Multithreaded Support in SystemLink HUD
(Added) Base AsyncTaskManager Skeleton
(Added) Fade-In animation for Hud Temps
(Added) Temperatures to hud

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