Rogero Dex 3.55 Downgrader V2 Disponible


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le célèbre développeur PS3 Rogero vient de nous livrer une nouvelle version 2.0 de son custom firmware DEX 3.55 ayant la fonctionalité downgrader, qui comme vous le savez permet le downgrade facile à partir des firmwares DEX 4.11 et inférieur vers la version 3.55.

This is version2 of the DEX Downgrader/CFW, it have the follwing features:


- Peek/Poke Support

- LV1 Checks are patched to bypass syscon hashes mismatch while switching FWs. (This will avoid some bricking too)

- installation of Retail and pseudo-Retail packages on DEX.

- running unsigned applications.

- installation on consoles with broken Blu-Ray drive.

- Downgrader feature from 3.55+ DEX back to 3.55DEX ( This is the same as the original 3.55DEX-Downgrader )

I couldn't test this FW because i'm still away from my PS3, please some feedback will be appreciated especially on the Downgrading feature

( maybe downgrading will work only for <= 4.11-DEX and not for 4.20DEX)

Source et téléchargement:;p=8011#p8011

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