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Bon, suite aux rumeurs qui tournent sur la toile récemment sur une probable possibilité de reproduire le mécanisme d'action du dongle trueblue sur CFW gartuit, puis l'annonce du projet de la team AC1D, d'un CFW 3.41 capable de lire les jeux 3.6+, mais toujours sans la moindre preuve. team trueblue répond à ces rumeures comme suit et comme toujours via GaryOPA, l'administrateur de

Recently we have been made aware of several announcements made on various forums from people who seek to trivialise the capabilities of True Blue and claim that functionality such as playing 3.6+ games can easily be reproduced on regular custom firmware (CFW).

In each and every case, the announcements amount to nothing more than baseless accusations and disinformation - these people are intentionally spreading information they know to be incorrect in an attempt to create confusion. A lot of effort and research has gone into the creation of True Blue, which has allowed us to take our position as the ONLY team producing any real results, providing solid support and benefits for our customers. For all the people who have claimed that what True Blue does is trivial and can be easily duplicated, there has been absolutely nothing that has come from any of these peopole, they have simply been all talk and have delivered nothing of real value.

The proof is in the result and at the end of the day, with all the claims that have been made by other groups, the fact remains that the True Blue team are the only ones who have actually delivered.


GaryOPA de

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