Mise à Jour : Sortie De Snes9xbox V6


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C'est avec un peu de retard que je met à disposition la dernière version de snes9xbox à savoir la V5

voici le changelog :


*** Changes To Snes9Xbox Core ***


* Force region now working for 1.42 and 1.51 cores.

* Emu now only tries to load a save state if it actually exists. This should fix the "refreshbytes at 0 or less" error and "snapshot thisgame.tt0 does not exist" msgs as well as lockups from attempting to do so.

* Rewind is now working in 1.42. Whoopsie! :D


*** Interface Related Changes ***


* Lockup when using the media browser is caused by the colour skin using too much RAM. Be sure to copy over the new "Colours (True HD) skins". I also put some code in to help alleviate the situation.

* Some software filters that were not working are now working properly. Just be sure to copy over the new "Colours (True HD) skin" or else you will get lockups when trying to load a game and use a software filter.

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Sorti de la V6


*** Changes To Snes9Xbox Core ***


* New APU Sound core hiccup issues now solved! Big super duper thanks to Philexile for pointing the way.

* Border at bottom of screen should be gone now

* No more lockups when using software filters (silly regression bug). That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

* Force Screen Size (Accurate Pixel Ratio) should work on all cores now.

* MP3 Volume issue should hopefully be fixed when loading a game that switches the cores.


*** Interface Related Changes ***


* I foobared the code that stores the text/game screen size/position there are two ways to correct this..

1) Go into Configuration -> Video Configuration -> Game and Text Screen Size/Position and configure your screen the way you want it to be. Once you do that you will get a popup "Do you want to use these settings globally?".. select "Yes". This will go thru all the existing saves and set them to match your selected game screen size/positions.

1.2) If you have "Automatically Use Default Game Configuration?" set to yes. Be sure to go into Configuration -> Set Default Game Configuration and set those as well.

2) (the long way).. Delete the *.keh files for all save game configurations created using the beta. The easiest way to do this is to copy the emulators "save" directory from the xbox over to a PC. Use the windows explorer "search" option to search for "*.keh" files, select those files (ctrl-a) and delete them. Then delete your saves directory off the xbox and copy the files back. Doing so this way will keep your game configurations intact. Sorry about that.. :s

Sorry for the inconvenience... :s

**** This only needs to be done if you used Snes9xbox V4 or later. Or if you used any of my beta's (once I rebuild them and make them available). ****

* Fixed screen blurring when selecting Return to launcher on the home screen and using a skin that uses "sprites as background".

* Code that runs when you select "Yes" to save screen size/positions "globally" is now properly functioning.

* Complete reworking of the auto screen sizing and lock code and I also tweaked the numbers a little. It should be a little more intuitive now. Unfortunately it had a bug which needs to be remedied with a few manual steps.

* Fixed issue where emu would crash if no accurate pixel mode settings were defined for the currently selected video mode.

* Checks put into the cheatcode database checker to let you know if the file is to big or has too many game entries and needs to be split up.

* Gilou9999's HD Colour skins should work properly now (no weird hacks). Be sure to at least copy over the "settings.ini" files in the skin directory and the skin "configurations" directories and "reload the skin".

* Added new skin transition option "none". Real handy for skins like Gilou9999's that uses the HD sprite trick.

* Windows 7 users should have no more weird issues on samba shares! Woohoo! Thank you YRUSirius for pointing out the available patch and Buzz for creating that patch. :D

* Fixed issue where emulator menu video mode was reverting to last played games video mode in emu's that support game specific video modes.

* When switching cores you are now properly placed back to where you launched the game from (favorites or game select).

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