Maj Nestopiax V1.3 => V1.4 (04/09/2012)


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Non mais voici une partie du changelog. Pour info je suis toujours sur mes compiles :) J'attaque la PC-Engine CD ce weekend si j'ai du temps.

Updates and changes:

Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was not working properly **FIXED

Family Circuit '91 was not working properly **FIXED

Fixed partially broken support for mapper 163. COntra 100 in 1 and 168 in 1 now work properly

Bus conflicts issue resolved: Free Fall (prototype) and Secret Scout (prototype) now work

Added new entries to the xml database for ips patched games. (thanks to plasturion)

the following games should now be playable:

1.) Getsufuu Maden (J) [T+Eng1.0_RPGe]

2.) Dragon Ball Z-Kyoushuu! Saiya Jin (j) (T+eng 1.01 Red Comet)

3.) Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (J) [T+Eng1.00_Vice]

4.) Cat Ninden Teyandee (J) [T+Eng.10_Vertigo]

5.) Akumajou Special - Boku Dracula-kun (J) [T+Eng1.02_Vice]

6.) Wai Wai World (J) [T+Eng1.00_Demiforce]

7.) Wai Wai World 2 - SOS!! Paseri Jou (J) [T-Eng1.00_Vice]

Alpha Channel Preview Bug fixed ** thanks weinerschnitzel for the link to fix :

Level FLip filter implemented. Now selecting the filter to "none" will flip all levels

backwards. Enjoy all your faves now backwards. (Thanks to plasturion)

Added an option to flip the default controls while playing flipped levels. You can find them

in controller options. NOTE***the ini will save what control you pick. so for the time

being you will have to change back your control options manually when you decide to revert back normal controls. todo: will fix in next release or at least, try to.

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MAJ => voici la version 1.3 ^^

Support for R.O.B the robot emulation via xbox controller has been

implemented into this version of nestopiax!!!.

When playing gyromite or stack up simply go into controller options,

then general settings and change controller 2 type to R.O.B the robot

and leave controller 1 as gamepad.

The controls are as follows for gyromite:

Start, then a will raise and lower the blue columns

Start, then b will raise and lower the red columns.

a flash will follow after performing these actions, this is normal, the nes

"flashed" this information back to rob when performing those controller

actions to simulate the movements needed to play gyromite correctly with


as for Stack up, thats a diff beast since this game relied on colored blocks

stacked up on rob to play. but either way both of these games are now

supported via R.O.B the robot emulation.

NEStopiaX has now been implemented with "Pixel Perfect" options in the

Main Menu and in-game menu while playing a game. It can be found in

Video Options in the newly named "Adjust Screen/Pixel Perfect Options"

you will be faced with three choices, hit x for perfect pixel, y to reset

the screen back to default and b to exit after making your choice.

Other small changes in this release are minimal and only include small

changing of the wording in the emulator menu. nothing special, things

like Vs. Coin 1 and 2 were simply changed to "Insert Vs. Coin 1"

Insert Vs. Coin 2.

source emuxtras

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Lol t'es paroles ont été entendues !!!!!!!! Sortie de la version 1.4

This is a recompiled version of Nestopiax with the extra speed optimizations added.

**Thanks to Freakdave

Dancing Block needed 3 resets to boot. **Fixed

Puzzle (unl) (beta) loaded to a scambled screen *FIXED

Fixed issue with Nestopiax not loading roms if they were named .NES and .FDS Nestopiax now

loads rom ending in .nes, .NES, .fds and .FDS

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