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A group by the name of TeamICE made a forum post, claiming to have a PSP Emulator for Jailbroken PS3′s, they posted images and links to the Emulator __eboot_bin on IRC reported that it didn’t work after he tried it but forum member japsander reports that it bricked his console.

This is the thread in question [Release] PSP Emulator

Also japsander has made a thread here did i get a ps3 virus?

This group are NOT the real TeamICE and are NOT affiliated with the real TeamICE either, if anyone has been affected by this please report here, thank you.


Other PS3 Forums are reporting about this too, members on PSX Scene have unfortunately also been affected :(


Well known and esteemed PS3 Developer Mathieulh has made a post regarding this subject, this is what he says:

The EBOOT.BIN is the manufacturing_updater_for_reset.self it has the same digest on the self. DO NOT RUN THIS, it’ll brick your console if you do, the problem is the psjb patches make it so any self with any auth id will just run because the function that checks it always returns true, that obviously includes jig selfs which are not meant to run in such a fashion)

You should be careful of what you run on your playstation 3, even with a homebrew there are ways to permanently brick your console beyond recovery, even ways sony themselves can’t fix.


japsander the forums only victim of this awful trick, has posted how he fixed this problem, to help anyone else has been duped by this fake Emulator, this is what he said:

my 120gb original drive was locked somehow. the ps3 kept saying no access to disk or failing at random % of format

i formatted my spare 40gb in the pc and put it in my slim and tried many times to do a system upgrade from recovery menu using flash drives (6 to be exact) all failed saying that no update was found.

i got more luck using an external usb powered hard drive which got further before crapping out with an error (i cant remember the error code)

after trying with different drives in the external enclosure i eventually got my original 120 from the ps3 to hold the firmware in the enclosure and restore my slim to a 40gb fully working ps3.

i then formatted my 120gb in the pc, slapped it in the ps3 and used the 40gb as external, holding the firmware and restoring my console to its former glory.

it was really random. the errors got less and less the more i tried to fix it.

it probably would have worked quicker if i had taken the battery out of the ps3 and let it discharge but alcohol and electronics never mix well so i left my screwdrivers and hammer where they were.

some guy at psx-scene managed to restore it straight away using the recovery menu but some other people got the whole random errors that i did.

im just happy it worked and ive learned my lesson not to try homebrew until verified.

Source PS3hax

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