Firmware 3.5 Et Ce Que Sony Ne Dit Pas


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Playstation 3 fans excited about the addition of Blu-Ray 3D support in the 3.50 firmware update might be in for a little shock. In an attempt to prevent any further action from hackers Sony have disabled support for third party USB periphials on the Playstation 3. This news comes amidst warnings of counterfeit Playstation 3 wireless controllers exploding.

Sony have disabled a great number of USB devices and is warning that counterfeit and unlicensed controllers may explode.

Some members of the official playstation forum are estimating up to 75% of devices have been blocked and are currently working through the list in an attempt to find controllers and devices that still work.

The Examiner reports that Firmware update 3.50 means a controller may now be disabled 'if it works via USB and if the product isn't licensed by Sony'.

Source : Maxconsole

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