Xbmc 2010-07-08 Svn Rev30442


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T3CH publie une nouvelle version SVN du lecteur multimédia Xbox issu de la future branche stable DHARMA et repris par le projet XBMC4XBOX

Voici le changelog de cette version depuis la révision :

2010-07-08 30442 fixed: imdb scraper (thanks BombBloke for the pointer on the forum)

2010-07-08 30441 changed: tweaked libdvd build script

2010-07-08 30440 fixed: more missing/ignored files for mingw. (/me kicks tortoise svn)

2010-07-07 30439 updated: new libdvd DLLs compiled from our SVN source

2010-07-07 30438 fixed: added missing files needed for mingw. Tortoise was ignoring .o and .a files which are part of mingw

2010-07-07 30437 renamed: build-xbmc-xbox.sh to make-xbmc-lib.sh, like we did with the other libs

2010-07-07 30436 fixed: Typos in the libdvd build script

2010-07-07 30435 changed: replaced old libdvd DLLs with the ones from r19193 as they seem to work best for now. Still not the latest since we haven't been able to fix a seek-issue yet.

2010-07-07 30434 fixed: Ticket #17 - Video Library scanning not finding all NFO on local SMB

2010-07-07 30433 fixed: r30422 didn't take into account that we store temp files on a FatX filesystem

2010-07-06 30432 reverted: mainline 31223 which was applied in r30425 that doesn't work with our non threaded python.

2010-07-06 30431 fixed: Use correct data type here

2010-07-05 30430 updated: libRTMP to latest rtmpdump svn (r543). removed our diff since all we need is in the vanilla librtmp. changed: libRTMP is now a dll rather than statically linked (dll loader changes from xbmc.org trunk including changes from revisions 31132,31134,31147,31149,31202,31285) cleanup: polarssl/librtmp/libcurl project files to remove unused solutions (and some runtime library config changes)

2010-07-04 30429 fixed: GetFrameTime() was wrong on Xbox

2010-07-01 30428 merged: xbmc mainline revisions 29885,30833,31330,31522,31523,31537,31538,31541

2010-06-30 30427 synced: StringUtils & ScraperParser with mainline XBMC

2010-06-30 30426 updated: TMDB scraper

2010-06-30 30425 merged: xbmc mainline/trunk revisions 31223,31255,31263,31282,31340,31415,31436,31461,31463,31498,31505,31506,31507

2010-06-30 30424 merged: xbmc mainline revisions 30647,30818,31011,31023,31024,31043,31044,31046,31050,31052,31054,31098,31101 31102,31115,31118,31122,31124,31169,31172,31174,31196,31198,31213,31228,31231 31232,31234,31238

2010-06-30 30423 fixed: Ticket #9 - Support windowed video in scripts (by merging r16987 + r23665)

2010-06-30 30422 changed: Use better tempfile name in CPicture to avoid filename collisions

2010-06-29 30421 fixed: polarssl/rtmp for all currently configured (yet perhaps unused) targets

2010-06-29 30420 fixed: rtmp build for debug target

2010-06-29 30419 fixed: buildlog doesn't belong in svn

2010-06-29 30418 fixed: >4GiB files in FTP directories had incorrect filesize

2010-06-29 30417 updated: finnish language strings. thanks to mikko70

2010-06-29 30416 updated: greek language strings (trac ticket #6). Thanks to ydatografida

2010-06-29 30415 changed: Change versioning

2010-06-29 30414 changed: Let's use the news feed from http://www.xbmc4xbox.org as the default.

2010-06-28 30413 changed: don't show "unused" warnings when building ffmpeg, to make output a little less vocal. updated: new ffmpeg dlls

2010-06-28 30412 changed: store msys/mingw unpacked so it is easier to track changes (and more efficient use of svn) fixed: added missing declarations for strcasecmp/strncasecmp to string.h (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=102435&aid=3022047&group_id=2435). This solves some warnings when building ffmpeg libraries.

2010-06-27 30411 cleanup: accidently committed come object files

2010-06-27 30410 large merge from exobuzz branch (which also includes some changes from the xbmc.org version) including updated: new librtmp (currently statically linked). includes support for swf verification and more (thanks highlandsun) updated: ffmpeg library updates (now includes two sets, one with a minimal set of options compiled in and one with all codecs, switchable from video playback settings screen) deleted: removal of libfaad and libmad libraries (ffmpeg libs used instead for mp3 and aac) changed: ffmpeg used for mpeg video instead of libmpeg2 apart from when dvds with still frames are concerned

2010-06-27 30409 updated: oggCodec with separated oggCodec/Oggcall back from xbmc linux trunk. Includes patch for not showing an ogg playtime for internet streams (previously displayed -2:-11) (merged from exobuzz branch)

2010-06-23 30407 merged: xbmc mainline revision 31049 - changed: Apply the same scan hash techniques to musicvideos as we have for movies

2010-06-22 30406 merged: xbmc mainline revisions 31045,31159 to implement fast hashing

2010-06-17 30402 updated: MSYS/mingw build environment with yasm + fix for stdio.h so newer ffmpeg compiles properly

2010-06-16 30400 added: polarssl encryption library (used by new libcurl and will be used by librtmp) updated: libcurl to 7.21.0 release (git rev 42432d67cc6495495f3d302c0443f060d00964b5). Now uses polarssl instead of yassl. changed: xbmc should use the curl includes from our lib/libcurl/include rather than having two copies deleted: no longer need xbmc/FileSystem/curl due to above change. updated: libcurl.dll based on above changes. (changes merged from exobuzz branch)

2010-06-16 30398 changed: removed ffast-math from ffmpeg build options. Didn't notice any speed-up, and it could possibly cause issues (merged from Exobuzz branch r30395)

2010-06-09 30390 changed: Merged compiler optimisations from Exobuzz's branch for VC (r30374 & r30375)

2010-06-09 30389 merged: mainline/trunk revisions 30109,30167,30357-30359,30596,30606,30608,30609,30633,30648,30649,30652,30653 30661-30665,30667,30732,30752,30799,30861,30864,30875,30899,30900,30908,30909 30930,30962,30968,30969,31000,31005

2010-06-07 30388 fixed: Just because I'm a little dyslectic...

2010-06-07 30387 updated: ffmpeg build script + new dvdplayer DLLs

2010-06-04 30384 fixed: added needed xbmc/cores/dvdplayer/Codecs/ffmpeg/ path in xbmc.vcproj

2010-06-03 30383 fixed: Removed double argumenet for ffmpeg build script

2010-06-03 30382 reverted: msys/mingw build environment back to r26488 changed: msys archive from .7z to .zip, bigger but easier to handle/update. changed: msys.bat to better detect the location of vcvars32.bat

2010-06-02 30380 changed: More consistent name for the ffmpeg build script

2010-06-02 30379 changed: ffmpeg build script tweaks from Exobuzz's branch + new DVDPlayer DLLs

2010-06-02 30378 fixed: Compile errors/cosmetics in ffmpeg & libmpeg2

2010-06-01 30377 fixed: Compile errors

2010-06-01 30376 synced: Parts of VideoInfoScanner of XBMC mainline

2010-05-29 30364 fixed: tmdb scraper

2010-05-20 30357 Step 2 of 3, copy xbox branch to trunk

2010-05-20 30349 [XBOX] reverted: changed: Set dvdplayer's max cache time to 4secs on Xbox

2010-05-20 30348 [XBOX] reverted: libdvdcss & libdvdnav back to r6903 (2nd try)

2010-05-20 30347 [XBOX] reverted: r30184 - fixed: Cleaning up the mess take #1 (thanks Exobuzz) & r30158 - added: Ticket #9166 - Upgrade dvdplayer's ffmpeg on XBOX. The new ffmpeg doesn't work properly with some AVI/MPEG4 content on Xbox at the moment. We need to fix this first before we can use it agaain

2010-05-19 30317 [XBOX] reverted: libdvdcss & libdvdnav to r6903. Newer versions don't work properly and can cause weird seeking problems with certain DVDs.

2010-05-15 30184 [XBOX] fixed: Cleaning up the mess take #1 (thanks Exobuzz)

2010-05-14 30158 [XBOX] added: Ticket #9166 - Upgrade dvdplayer's ffmpeg on XBOX (thanks Exobuzz)

2010-05-13 30130 [XBOX] fixed: Cosmetics

2010-05-13 30129 [XBOX] fixed: Regression causing autoscrolling to be broken for eg. plots & reviews

2010-05-13 30126 [XBOX] changed: Set dvdplayer's max cache time to 4secs on Xbox

2010-05-12 30044 [XBOX] reverted: Part of r24276 to restore GUI cache settings. Happy now?

2010-05-09 29950 [XBOX] merged: mainline/trunk revisions 26154,28378,28898,28937,28952,29036,29159,29189,29194,29210,29233,29246,29247 29263,29286,29315,29318,29345,29365,29369,29452,29479,29489,29494,29676 29834-29836,29918

download.gif XBMC 2010-07-08 SVN rev30442 T3CH

homesite.gif Site officiel : http://t3ch.yi.se


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  • 2 weeks later...
Merci beaucoup pour le lien Tywony. Sinon un peu hors sujet, mais quelqu'un a t'il réussi a faire marcher le skin Xperience sur Xbox ?

Salut, en théorie il était impossible, il y à quelques temps, de faire fonctionner Xperience sur XboX. Sauf que une personne à reconvertit les textures en 480P, de ce fait il est maintenant possible d'utiliser Xperience sur notre X boite.

Va donc voir ici:http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=70225

Si tu as un problème, contact moi par mp (vu que le topic est H.S) :)

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