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Current Version v1.70

Those with Older Versions 1.60+ should get a prompt to update next time you start the program...



- Creating FreeBoot 0.32 Any Motherboard

- Get CPU Key Easily

- Works With USB or LPT

- Abillity To Remove FreeBOOT

- Generation FreeBoot in a click.

- Nice interface.

- Built In Help (Tutoral)

- Convert XBReboot To Original Nand

- Repair Bad Nand





- Advanced Options

- LPT Port Changer

- Convert XBReboot To Original Nand

- Repair Bad Nand

- Port95 Installer

- FreeBOOT Patch Selection


- Various Bugs Fixed

- Should Fix Windows 7 x64 Issues


- Auto Update Checker

- Jasper 16MB Now Added

- Create.Bin Errors Fixed

- User Can Select Open/Save Location's

- Help Windows

- Cleaned Up Code


- First Release

** Future Features **

- Nand Compare

- No Command Prompt Popups..

- Un-Ban Features

Any Bugs Please Post In This Thread

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