T3ch Xbmc 2009-06-01 9.04.1-fixed-babylon


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T3CH publie un FIX pour la version FINALE de XBMC Babylon, lecteur multimédia Xbox que l'on ne présente plus.

Voici le changelog :

2009-06-01 20848 [XBOX] fixed: GUILib's AudioContext was broken during the previous merge causing av's on audio/video playback

2009-06-01 20846 [XBOX] fixed: RSS feed no longer worked

2009-05-30 20810 [XBOX] merged: Linuxport revisions: 20015,20063,20077,20270,20326,20380,20381,20457,20488,20462,20463,20477,20509,20


Trunk revisions: 20394,20396

9.04-branch revision: 20539

Also bumped version number to 9.04.1

20563: fixed: XMBC dumps when browsing through Pictures via web interface #6637

20539: fixed:[all] ffmpeg:av_find_stream_info does avcodec_open/close calls and needs the same locking. This turned up on the atv platform doing thumbnail creation where now multiple thumbnail creating threads are spun out.

20509: [WIN32] updated: ImageLib.dll with r20507/8

20477: fixed: Ticket #6623 - 9.04 segfaults when clicking on either a Video or Music source which contains a malformed .pls file

20463: fixed: ticket #5548 - memory leak in h264/aac streamed over rtmp. thanks to frosty for the "diff"

20462: fixed: Ticket #6620 - Shoutcast has two ".." paths

20488: changed: xbmc.bin only depends on subdir archives now. fixed: Sometime xbmc.bin wouldn't relink if an archive changed do to source changes.

20457: fixed: typo caused vobsubs to render at incorrect timestamps (and possibly crash xbmc)

20396: [XBOX] synced: GUIlib with Linuxport

20394: [XBOX] Added: Crossfade support for Xbox + merged Linuxport r20109 . Hopefully it works

20381: fixed: ticket #6593, missing param in libhdhomerun call.

20380: fixed: ticket #6201, main title dvd/iso rips did not return to GUI when playback finished.

20326: fixed: ticket #6572 - Fix 64bit WAVcodec bug. thanks to gnif

20270: fixed: Ticket #6573 - Metadata from nfo not used unless default scraper is the same as the url in nfo

20077: fixed: the initial plugindirectory handle was not removed from our handle cache, causing crashing of plugins on 64bit linux (and probably elsewhere).

20063: [WIN32] fixed: XBMC crashes on playing media or no sound with mp3 and video files (one return too much in last commit)

20015: fixed: ticket #5548 - H264/AAC streamed over RTMP memory leak and video fps problem. thanks to frosty

T3CH XBMC 2009-06-01 9.04.1-FIXED-Babylon

Site officiel : http://www.xboxmediacenter.com

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