Gripshift Hello World + Sparta Sdk: 1.52-5.02 Exploit


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Hello World on PSP FW 1.52-5.02

The Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Exploit

by MaTiAz & FreePlay



1. Copy the contents of MS_ROOT into the root of your memory stick.

(This will overwrite the first GripShift savegame slot).

2. Launch the US version of GripShift.

3. Load up the game (if it doesn't autoload).

4. See your PSP run unsigned code. smile.gif

It'll autoexit after some time. You can use the home button to exit too if

you've seen enough.



Q: Will this allow downgrading?

A: No, because this is an usermode exploit and functions required to downgrade are

only available in kernel mode.

Q: Why the name?

A: Because the original exploit was found by overwriting the player name with

"this is spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa".

Q: Can/Will Sony block this?

A: Yes.

It has some constraints though, check the readme.

The Hello World was written with it.



Exploit and binary loader: MaTiAz

SDK: FreePlay

Greets go to Dark_AleX, Mathieulh, jas0nuk, Hellcat, etc. etc. etc, you know.

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Merci pour l'info...

A noter, cer exploit n'est pas encore "exploitable" ;)

en effet, il est impossible pour le moment de downgrader les psp avec TA-88v3...

donc aucun autre hack que ce petit hello world pour l'instant !

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