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  1. Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience
  2. La Team Gateway donne l'information sur le site officiel pour la mise à jour. Elle s'efforce de libérer l'EmuNAND du dernier firmware de Nintendo. " Just a quick update about the new Nintendo 11.3 firmware support on Emunand. As indicated before, we are working really hard to release as soon as possible our new major update that will once again revolutionize the (N)3DS scene. As it is now getting very close, we might have to delay the Emunand latest Nintendo firmware support by a couple of weeks max. We will keep you posted very soon, and be sure that as always, we will off
  3. Selon la team Sky3ds, le dernier firmware du sky3ds+ est v130. Le site officiel,